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Emma doesn't like whirlwinds in THE LEMONADE AREA. Emma enjoys sitting still and resting after a strenuous academic and leisure outing. It' called the lemonade burricane. Heny has a great time when he's not rushing through the house, so Emma chooses to educate him how to be quiet.

Showing him how to seat, bend and breath - basic awareness media practice - Emma can reassure the Henry storm. Added item to wish list. Added item to wish list. At LAILAH'S LUNCHBOX, Lailah is in a new language college in a new land thousand of leagues away from her old home and misses her old mates.

Added item to wish list. At WHILE YOU'RE HERE, DOC, vet Brad Brown never knew what to look for when he was summoned to a farmyard to handle a diseased calf or an aggrieved steed. Whether he was trying to castrate a frightened stud in a snowstorm or in the midst of a fierce uproar that involved a monkey's toot and a scattergun, Dr. Brown tackled it with great sympathy for his four-legged as well as his two-legged client.

In one and gum-booted James Herriot, Baxter Black and E. B. White, Brad Brown gives us a marvelous series of tales from the lives of a rural veterinarian. Added item to wish list. Added item to wish list. Added item to wish list. Originally released in 1944, this classical compilation of lasting comments is reprinted here with a new intro by the writer.

Added item to wish list. e. b. white on dog' s legacy, Martha White, his grandchild and managing director of his literature legacy, has put together the best and most amusing of his etchings, poetry, letters and drawings representing over a doze of white's various dog mates. Here are popular essay pieces like "Two Letter, Both Open", in which White deals with the Internal Revenue Service, and also "Bedfellows" with his "fraudulent reports"; by White's ignoroble old roachshund, Fred.

A few previously unreleased photos from the E.B. White Estate show the dog families, from the first collies to various laboratories, scotties, sausages, mongrels and curs. All of them are very popular. Added item to wish list. Added item to wish list. Added item to wish list. Added item to wish list.

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