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A world-leading publisher of commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction and children's books. publisher an enterprise that produces ledgers, brochures, etchings or the like: a prestigious publishing firm in Boston. However, the nightmare was allayed when she entered the publishing company to which she had committed herself as her first adventure-scenes.

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Situated in a 110-year-old historical edifice, the publishing house unites the heat and conviviality of a B&B in the sumptuous interior of a shop-guesthouse. We' ll enhance your classic B&B enjoyment with our deluxe rooms, very personalized services and one of Chicago's best afternoons. Be prepared to make yourself at home.

Eleven exclusive en-suite rooms from 250sq/ft to 450sq/ft - whether your hearts desire a cosy spot for a peaceful holiday or a suites for a relaxing holiday, each of our rooms is peaceful, intimate and stylish. Our publishing house invites our visitors to use our spacious lounge and eating areas at any hour of the morning.


Every issue of this publication contains in-depth demographical and statistic information about a particular state in the United States. Sections contain information on district and urban demography, schools district details, parentage and ethnic origin figures, information stats and parentage ranks, meteorological stats and comparable leaders.

Regardless of whether your customers are looking for commercial, healthcare or educational information, give them the right tool to quickly and simply find the information they need. Fill with useful ressources, contacts and hot links, your customers profit from simple acces to the tens of organisations in each of the databases, with just a few simple keystrokes to get there.

Search across the entire data base, printout offers, store and more. This astonishing set of on-line data bases meets a wide range of research requirements, from the simplest search to the most advanced search. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced searcher, the search engine makes it fast and convenient to find the information you need.

G.O.L.D. customers can reach their accounts via their smartphone or handheld devices. To arrange a free evaluation version of the on-line data base for your local libary, college or company, call (800) 562-2139.

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