Publishing first novel

First novel published

It was the hardest thing for me to digest what happened after the release. How does it feel to finish the first book? The publication of a first novel can also be understood as an experience of connection between the writer, the literary world and other readers. He became a lawyer to publish his first novel. The competition version could bind your next book with the first right of refusal.

So what was your expertise in the process of publishing your first volume? So what was it about, how long did it take to get you to post and what were some of your best and badest moments?

The first novel I wrote took 8 months for the first design of about 60,000 words. As a part- and full-time undergraduate, I had to adjust my typing in later nights and workdays. All the while I had the feeling that I had achieved something great, that this novel would transform the way the world is.

Throughout my laptops I worked up to 3, 4, 5am, most evenings and counted the locks as they dropped; 10,000 words, 20,000 words..... When your contemporaries are 21 years old and do much more interesting things than write a novel, it's hard to tell. They didn't want to listen to the script, or they asked if they wanted to study it and then they didn't worry.

There was great, positive feedbacks from the folks who were reading it, and I definitely felt there was good things in there, but I never quite got over the feel that it was a huge muck. When my first two entries were ignored by frahlings, I put them in a box and forgeted them.

His first novel was a great lecture in patient, in the design processes and in the handicraft of typing. And I learnt more about myself as a novelist than in three years on a diploma and in the following seven years. Looking back, I am very proud that I have written a novel at this time.

Most of the times I'm disappointed, angry that I was too young and stupid to keep on drawing and working on it every single workingday after working on it. I wouldn't know how to do that. The first novel's still on my mind. No. However, I realized that it was the right moment to continue.

This November, at the age of 28, I was writing a second novel. It took me 19 dailies this one. However, this was a very satisfying experience, I realized that I was only at the basecamp and that there were a few more landmarks I had to achieve before reaching the top.

On the side of the first novel, I entered the first 10,000 words as a thesis at the university, along with a 500-word comment. Shows the distinction between authoring a good work and the ability to do so. However, the right moment for this novel will come.

Maybe we still have some other fiction to write.

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