Publishing Ebooks for Dummies

Making Ebooks Available for Dummies

Selling your e-book To write an e-book is a great accomplishment - and one to be proud of - but it's only the first one. You' ll also need to release your e-book to transform a script on your computer into a beautifully designed e-book that' s simple and fun to use. And, after you have published your e-book, you have to bring it to your customers - because if no one knows that your e-book is there, no one can buy it. There are many ways to advertise your e-book: Selling your e-book through Amazon and other shops on the Internet, your e-book will have a selling page in every shop that is intended to be used to selling your e-book.

Add a cover text that appeals to the reader, highlights your login details and provides extracts from good press coverage. A lot of passionate followers run weblogs in which they write about their work - often with e-books and works by freelance writers (and not with writers sponsored by major publishing chains). Send reviewed versions of your e-book to appropriate webloggers can create a lot of on-line fuzz.

Create an audiences on your blogs or email lists (or both). Create your own blogs or email lists to give you full command over the materials you post. Whenever you have information, you can contact your reader simply by encourage them to sign up to your blogs or email-lists. Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get in touch with people.

Socials like Twitter and Facebook are useful ways to connect with other authors and talk to them. While you' re building a fan base on these pages, you can lead them to your e-book - and to your blogs or email-lists. Goodreads and Shelfari can be used to advertise your e-book to interested users.

While Twitter and Facebook are both big, well-known pages, Godreads is specially conceived for people. Whenever you want, you can open a readership profile and then update to an Authoring profile when it's about (!) your turn to do so. GGoodreads gives you many different ways to advertise your e-book, such as groups and give-aways.

Similar to Goodreads and operated by Amazon, Shelfari will integrate with the site to provide additional information about your e-book for Kindle users. Many websites have a number of useful features to help you become a self-publishing writer. These are some websites you may want to use during the e-book publishing process:

BookBaby is one of many pages offering a service for self-publishing writers, converting your manuscripts into the appropriate format and distributing them to onlineshops. There is a wide range of stick photos to use on the front of your e-book sleeve. Childle Direct Publishing (KDP): Share your e-book directly on the Kindle with this somewhat user-friendly web browser.

Share your e-book with large web shops and resell it on the Smashwords website.

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