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publication fees

You have no money for high publication fees? Many ways to reduce costs and make open publishing affordable. The cost of self-publication varies greatly from publisher to publisher, we can work with you to find the right package for your self-publication needs. You can download our research paper with data on the costs and time required to publish research results. OA is a kind of academic publication and pricing model that can expand the impact of research through broader dissemination.

On-demand printing

When we take the dealer first, his choice of whether or not to have your product in store is relatively simple. First of all, they want to know if your text is a good one. When they have realized that you have authored a very legible and interesting work, they then want to see what benefit there is for them when they are selling some of your work.

Keep in mind that retailer must make a profit on everything they are selling to remain in the store. This might be like mercenaries, but retailer are in trade to make a profit â they are not non-profit organizations! How much is an avarage fee for an writer? It' a 252-page 198 x 129 format manual.

You can see from the above example that the license fee is 22.8% of the sales value of the pocket books and 12.77% of the bound work. But the sales rates (especially the paperback) are slightly higher than for an ordinary one. The above example shows that the sales value is significantly lower (and more in line with the normal retailing value, especially for paperbacks) and the license numbers are still very sane.

One good idea might be to use the use of the on-demand function to start by measuring how many copies are selling and how many more. When your work is sold well in these âTrialsâ, it may be wise to order a bigger edition of 1,000 or more, but if the sale proves hard, you havenâ??t been spending much cash on 1,000 + prints that you canâ??t.

Price examples: Kurzroman

The needs of the writers are different. For this reason, we provide an individual solution for all of our published works. A number of writers need help in making the design of the textbook look extremely professionally and attractively; others want instructions on the contents and accuracy of the textbook; while some are more interested in how their textbook is sold and circulated.

They might want a bound textbook or mellowback or ebook. A number of writers require complete editing, printing on-demand or an in-house circulation of 1,000 pieces. While we can help with all this and more, as you can see, each and every one of the projects we work on is different.

Nevertheless, in this sense, below are some indicative rates to give you an ideas. Nielsen can have your work submitted and made available to all on-line bookshops (including Amazon and Waterstones). We take over the entire sales and supply chain for you when ordering your order.

Usually costs 490 (for print-on-demand only). When you choose the Landis+Gyric' optional service, the price is per volume and clients can only order a copy. The new technology in letterpress allows you to virtually produce a unique copy when ordered by a client.

That keeps your costs low. Or you decide on a first edition of several hundred books for the market introduction of your books, whereby we would be pleased to submit you an offer. E-books are an alternate or complimentary way to publish your work. Converting your manuscripts to various eBooks and distributing them to major on-line bookshops (Amazon, iTunes, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and more) usually costs £350+VAT.

Please note: These rates are only guide and your textbook may have more/less pages. Above costs do not cover proof-reading, which we strongly advise for all of our products (usually around 10 per 1,000 words, but may vary according to typing quality). We also provide PR, signatures and contacts to booksellers and publishers.

The price varies according to the type of textbook. Wherefore should we release your work? We believe that we provide the best value in self-publishing literature. Our personalized, tailor-made customer care is available at highly attractive rates. As a rule, the titles we produce are of the same standard as those of the major publishers and are a million leagues away from the typically self-published titles so often created through automatic on-line publishing systems.

We had the ledgers stored in the Waterstones stores only because of the photographs of the completed ledgers - the workmanship and workmanship speak for themselves. To be clear, there are less expensive ways to make your work, but we don't want to rival automatic service providers who often make amateur, inferior work.

Instead, we provide a top-notch publishing services for writers and businesses that are serious about producing great titles. We are here for you if you want to produce a professionally produced work with a small group of committed people. It is best to look at your script and talk to you about the right way forward for you and your work.

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