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I do not hire or employ any assistants, with the exception of administrative tasks in which no clients are involved. First 10 Self Publishing Consultant Freelancer to let in August 2018 I know how important your work is to you as a publishing writer. I know how important your work is to you as a publishing writer. To my customers and testimonials belong bestseller and Oprah Books Club writers, international..

... I' ll take your ledger..... Save your valuable working hours with no hassle and at reasonable prices.

Save your valuable working hours with no hassle and at reasonable prices. As a traditional writer and internationally renowned ghost writer, I am passionate about..... As a traditional writer and ghost writer I am passionate about my work and my work! - Photofinish - Book covers.... - Photofinish - Book covers designs - Typesetting - Customer service - The Adobe Creative Suite - Interior La...

  • Indie writers: Value of a publishing consultant

We would like to thank the publishing journalist Claire McKinney of Claire McKinney Public Relations for this article about the value of a good publishing consultant who deals with all the detail that can go along with independent publishing! The self-publishing industry was just beginning when I founded my own company.

There were often treacherous indications at that point that a work was not a traditional publication, such as for example: Those are the things that stood out most, and because of the obviously lower standard of the textbooks themselves, self-publication was seen as discriminatory in the medium. I was thinking for a while about setting up a publishing consulting firm, where I would act as managing editor.

I' d guide the writer through all the phases of publishing so that the script looks more like a real one. Young I learned to have an acknowledgment for all those internal Managing Editor who must have had mind like pitfalls to keep an eye on all the particulars that were involved in the preparation of a textbook for publishing.

There are a few things they need to keep in mind: It' s a tiring schedule and frankly, I knew it wouldn't be for me as the heart of a company. I am a human being, a strategic partner in the field of press releases, a consultant in the field of corporate branding - not someone who loves to keep an eye on the arid detail of publishing.

However, as the saying goes, "someone has to do it," and there are publishing advisors who work with the writers throughout the whole lifecycle to ensure that all the detail is maintained. There are a few things you need to consider if you want to hire a publishing consultant or a company:

Include your docket of things you must have done for your work ("like the ones I put together above). Like with any consultant you employ (including a publicist), you will want to get as much information as possible so there are fewer unpleasant surprises. Therefore, as with any consultant or consultant you employ, you will want to get as much information as possible. We' ve come a long way from the era of messenger fonts, and luckily there are many more serious free and paid ressources that will help you take charge of you and your books, giving you an edge when it comes to rapprochement with newsagents, bookshops and sales on line.

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