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Mayrlebone, Londres ; Competitive ; The Roald Dahl Story Company Limited. Please contact me for a free consultation - you have everything to win! That applies to everyone at schools in or near New York, Boston or San Francisco.

With the adaptation of publishers to the digital age, more and more editorial tasks can be done at home. We want the authors to publish the book of their vision seamlessly, quickly and cost-effectively.

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This is an interesting chance to join this worldwide publisher and establish good relations with writers to make sure that the book meets the needs of the world. A major publishing and publishing company is looking for a marketing manager. A university graduate in languages / publishing / histories etc. would be the perfect candidate.

Report to the Director of Sales and Distribution for whom you are responsible: Recruitment Services is currently working with a premier organization in West Sussex. The Business Analysis Technology in publishing has skyrocketed, especially for the customer I work with. We' ve got an amazing chance to work as a digital publishing assistant for one of our small, cutting-edge and welcoming clients in Oxford.

Multi million pounds publishing house LOVES SALE? Headquartered in their UK head office near the city of Lesing, they are now looking for an application specialist who can..... Have you got all-round expertise in the accounts receivable and accounts payable ledger? One of my customers, an wellestablished print and publishing company with..... THEY ARE DRIVEN, SALES-ORIENTED AND CAN.....

The Music Publishing Sale - location of the classical music industry: You are experienced in business-to-business distribution and have a great deal of enthusiasm..... He has an interest in a publisher with outstanding administrative abilities and.....

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In order to be informed about a publication posting you must subscribe to e-mail notifications. Please check out our section for further vacancies in the audio-visual world. We' re looking for an Account Manager for our Guardian Vacan Positions Group. We' re looking for a sub-editor for Guardian Labs to create contents that appear in printed and on-line.

An ecclesiastical charitable organization is looking for a communication coordinator to motivate its supports. One of the world's foremost library services providers has a great chance for a dedicated and pro-active member of the library distribution team to join them in a key position. He was a major assistant to a major publisher, in charge of the regulation of her blogs and the writing of articles for her semi-annual mag.

As part of our journal SAGE is looking for a project assistant for the project innovations of SAGE. One of the leading B2B publishers is looking for a report editor to take the leadership in its expanding report portfolios for the newcomer. This is a great chance for a very competitive French-speaking distributor to make international purchases through thrilling international shows.

This is a phenomenon that is committed to the improvement of the experience of life for today's young people. Our customer is looking for a very skilled and enthusiastic..... EA's role as Managing Director of The Roald Dahl Story Company Ltd, Marylebone, has been a unique and unique one. Successfully nominated, he helps the boards in the creation and maintenance of high-quality websites and on-line publishing.

One of the world' s largest education companies is looking for Marketing Communications Executive for the launch until September 2018 with a expanding network of on-line service providers.

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