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The publishers on this list do not need any frahlings either. The publishers are currently looking for new authors to submit their manuscripts for publication. Publish...

. and other forms of madness: 6 publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors

She has published works such as Small Beer Press, Big Mouth House and Peapod Classics, sometimes even chapterbooks and a zip-pack. Gravity-free textbooks. In general, they release 6-10 volumes per year. That'?s what they're looking for: Belles Lettres (speculative), both anthologies of shorts and roman. For the first 10-20 pages of the volume (not the complete manuscript) in default script size and a SASE (with a Forever Stamp or an internationally accepted response form), please post to:

Publish corporate and self-help information for the general and professional market. You will be sharing sales with Skyhorse Publishing through W. W. Norton in the United States. The Allworth Press publications are now marketed in Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Allworth Press translation work has been done in many different tongues, such as Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, English, German as well as Japanes. The Allworth Press currently has 300 publications in press. That'?s what they're looking for: Design, Business, Performing Arts, Interior Design, Art, Theatre, Web Design, Art of Literature, Photography, Arts and Crafts: Interested authors should send in a proposed text containing a survey note, a summary (1-2 pages), commentated outlines of chapters, marketing analyses, model chapters (or two), biography and SASE.

HERE is the complete guide for the introduction of several writers, among them Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, but this newspaper also specialises in novels and non-fiction. The City Lights publishing company produces 12 volumes per year. It is our aim to publish works of corporate citizenship and to maintain a heritage of translating breakaway works from other parts of the globe into English.

As an explorer, we will keep publishing cutting-edge modern literary and bright new non-fiction. That'?s what they're looking for: Belles lettres, essay, memoirs, translation, poems and textbooks on various topics of society and politics. City Lights does not release New Age, self-help, children's works, guidebooks or genres such as romanticism, western or sci-fi: City Lights does not welcome unasked scripts, but they do so.

Future authors should send in the following: One- or two-page cover note describing your textbook and CV, with a listing of all previous papers and information about your pertinent written and working experiences. Supplementary structure and index for a non-fiction textbook. Phone calls or emails do not accelerate the verification procedure.

Click HERE to view the complete policy. is one of the oldest publishers in Chicago. The publishers have more than two hundred works of literature and non-fiction on their lists. The Academy Chicago releases around 60 new publications annually under five imprints: The Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill and Zephyr Press: Chicago Review Press provides general non-fiction on a variety of topics ranging from general literature on the subject of general interest to general literature on a variety of topics ranging from general literature, populary, literature, films, biography, auto writing, DIY, crafts and travelling to an award-winning series of child and youth bibliographies.

He has published articles on issues of interest to Afro-Americans, gradual policy, Near East research andeminism. Specializing in gardening textbooks, Zephyr Press releases a range of educational publications for professionals. Chicago Academy releases memoir, mystery, and other interesting, new and well-done literature and non-fiction. Please click HERE to view the complete policy.

"We are always on the search for the new and out-of-the-ordinary. "Chronicle Books releases 90 books a year. That'?s what they're looking for: They' re reviewing all suggestions. Give the editor three month to consider a suggestion. Attach a one-page covering note containing a brief account of the proposed action, why you think Chronicle should release it, what is contained in the pack, and your contacts information.

Add a sketch, an intro, example illustration or photos, example labels, example recipe (if cookbook) or example work ( if handicraft book) and text/sample paragraph. Please do not return artworks that have been submitted as part of a design or for evaluation as they will not be return. Attach a survey of the prospective readers of the product.

Attach a listing of similar books, together with the publishing house, date of release and a brief description of how your title is different from what is currently available. Specify an author/illustrator/photographer resume that contains the publishing of authors/illustrators' and photographers' credits/subscriptions. Please click HERE to view the complete policy. That'?s what they're looking for: The Lee & Low focus is on publications for people between 5 and 12 years of age. If you are interested, please contact Lee & Low.

Do Publishing is an independant publishing house that releases various fantasies, sci-fi and mysteries for mid- and young people. Children's Book Press (CBP) is publishing bi-lingual books: manuscripts should be written in two languages and should be supplemented with a short written booklet containing a short description of the writer and the publisher's work.

Textbook scripts should not be longer than 1500 words for literature and 3000 words for non-fiction. Please click HERE to view the complete policy.

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