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Over two decades ago Langmarc Publishing began producing inspiring textbooks and church resources. Books Publishing Jobs, Employment in Texas Experienced in the field of documentdesign, publishing productions or dp. Title position Library specialist - publishing[S00992P]...

.... Preparation of various funds budget and publication of the annual budget. Intermediate - literary skills, reading, books, reviewing, academic or technological..... Able to move 5-12 pound book and stay for long term.

Knowledge of computers and softwares like MS Word, Excel,..... Can also use softwares, work with desktops and refresh websites. Ordering and inventory of material such as textbooks, correspondence courses,..... Expertise in the creation of yearbooks, which includes styling, journalism, book structures, publishing and publishing and marketing is needed.......

Reading and understanding encyclopedias, review ing and complex processes and handbooks; understanding of textbooks and material in specialised literature deal.....

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Nonfiction and literary in the following categories: Physical, Soul, Spirituality, Self-help, Spirituality, Secrets, New Thought/Metaphysical and Young Adult. PUBLICO PRESS (Houston) - The biggest and most widely read publishing house for US-American writers' chronic and convalescent music. Austin-based ASATTE PRESS (Austin) - Asatte Press is an Austin-based start-up specialized in cloud computing.

Asatte Press Systematic Cloud Tutor can offer customized trainings in the shape of conventional textbooks or as an online gaming experience on Facebook and iPhone. SWITZERLAND PRESS (Austin) - A wholly owned company of VISIONS International Art Synergy (VIAS), a non-profit group dedicated to the advancement of poesy and the fine arts. 6.

Publication of well-made, fascinating poems and translation by contemporary writers, everywhere. Chap books, Sammlungen und Vision International, The World Journal of Illustrated poetry. PUNTOS PRESS (El Paso) - Independent publishing house with multi-cultural books for grown-ups, young people and kids. It is our aim to create high class and cultural materials for kids, teenagers and teachers of bi-lingual, bi-cultural and pedagogical institutions.

GATOS PRESS (Austin) - Since 2006 the Dos Gatos Press publishes the Texas Poetic Calendar each year. A non-profit organization organised for literacy and education, the aim of which is to make poems accessible to readers and to help authors, especially in Texas and the Southwest.

Greeneaf Book Group LLC (Austin) - Greenleaf Book Group is a publishing and distribution company specialising in the design of freelance authoring and the expansion of small printing inks. The History-Press is looking for young Texas scholars, researchers, historians interested in publishing available stories about Texas.

It is a traditionally full-service media that concentrates solely on publishers of interest both locally and regionally. History is devoted to the preservation and narration of storytelling activities that are too often ignored by the country's newspapers. élittle red leaves: textile series ( "houston") - little red leads is a collective on-line magazine of poems published annually and an ebook/paperback set of chapters and prints.

Included in her fabric collections are handcrafted chapters of literature. MOKINGBIRD BOKS mokingbird boks (boerne) - mockingbird seeks active input for a restricted number of non-fiction titles that address grown-up texans and people. You will read textbooks on historical, natural, environmental, horticultural, culinary, regional sights, topical subjects and other imaginative non-fiction subjects.

You do not produce literature, historic literature, poems, children's literature or romantic. MAUTABILIS BRESS mautabilis bress - independent, non-profit publishing house for poesy. The Louis J. Blume Library of St. Mary's University supports the founding of Louis J. Blume Grove in 1988. Journalists release volumes of poems and chapterbooks and sometimes even brief works of art for the prosa.

Piñata Books is an impressum of Arte Público Press devoted to the publishing of children's books that present authentic and realistic topics, personalities and traditions of US Spanish civilization. PIANOVIEW PRESS(Austin) - A 35-year-old publishing company. You have released 350 books presenting the work of almost 500 authors, both nationally and internationally.

You are a poet, writer and author of literature, memoirs and non-fiction. QUEEN'S FERRY PRESS- (Plano) Queen's Ferry is an independant publishing house for literature. Queen's Ferry Press has made it its business to offer writings that convey through their lyrical structure and emotional interpretations. The SLOUGH PRESS (College Station)- Slough Press has been publishing literature, poems and essay for over thirty years.

It focuses on modern writers who are experimenting with forms, communicating with a broad public and hoping to have a positive impact on the arts. À STRANGEOBJECT(Austin) - an impartial media devoted to the publication of unexpected, heart-rending fictions alongside contemplative essays. They are interested in fictions that haunt and inspire - great work that devours itself, taking chances, forming itself or building hot apartments in sombre places.

The UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS(Austin) - The University of Texas Press is an internationally -reaching publishing house that publishes works in a variety of areas. Virtual Press (Austin) - Virgogray Press is an independant publishing house focused on Chap books and poems. You are interested in publishing complete volumes of poems and literary works in the near-term.

LITERARY REVIEW (Lubbock) - West Texas Literary Review is looking for poetry, essay, flash movies and photos that increase the value of the site. The aim of producing multi-cultural textbooks, chapterbooks, CDs, DVD's and broadsheets to illuminate the minds and stimulate the mental.

World ARE YOU PUBLISHING (Austin) - Who Are You Publishing seeks contributions from all authors, young or old, whether public or not, and in various text forums.

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