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Pittsburgh Publishers

The Autumn House Press. publishes and promotes poetry and other beautiful literature for a discerning audience. Hispanic literary criticism press. University of Pittsburgh Press. Krzysztof Ambrose Marketing &

Content Solutions.

The Pittsburgh Publishing House

is a publisher and promoter of poesy and other beautiful books for a demanding public. CMU's Short Fiction series is devoted to the publication of exceptional books, which are largely unknown in today's world. Printer and publisher of genealogy and genealogy material for Europe, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the States.

Provides high-value religious literature, resource and musical content. The Dorrance Publishing Co. The Dorrance Foundation provides subsidies to writers of literature, non-fiction, children's literature and poems. The Hayes School Publishing Co, Inc. has employment manuals, certifications, planners, records for teachers and home school students. Small independant publishing house for historical (especially cultural and historical ) and cultural inheritance.

SPINLESPING Publishing has published a wide range of printed guidelines, many specifically for the Pittsburgh region, such as: The University of Pittsburgh Press provides academic and academic literature on Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania to the general public. The Word Association is a specialist publishing house for authors who need editorial, manufacturing or promotional support and who wish to produce a work.

Top 9 book publishers in Pittsburgh, PA with book reviewers

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On this page you will find a short overview of the individual publications.

On this page you will find a short overview of the individual publications. Click on the headline below to go directly to the homepage of a paper. Aspectant Mother's Guide - now available on-line Aspectant Mother's Guide is a localised resources for prospective moms and newcomers in several major cities of the United States.

Providing information and childcare facilities for new mothers, including pregnancies, births, parenthood and infant related information and new mothers. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Connecticut, Houston, Jacksonville, Northeast New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Washington, DC. This is an yearly source for U.S.A. scholars who plan to study in the United States.

Its purpose is to help these undergraduates make scholarly choices and adapt to a new America cultural environment. Accessible en ligne sous - Édition mondiale (anglais) et - Édition latino-américaine (espagnol). In addition to the printed versions of the U.S. Student Guide, American Communities College contains essays and materials for interested global undergraduates.

In addition to the printed versions of the U.S. Student Guide to the U.S.A., American Grade Education contains essays and resource for foreign scholars seeking information on various postgraduate programmes in the United States. The editor cannot, however, assume any liability for imprecision or omission.

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