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Commented list of book publishers in Pennsylvania. AutoNum House Press is a non-profit publisher based in Pittsburgh. Pages in category "Book publishers headquartered in Pennsylvania".

Publishers in Pennsylvania - Book Publishers Directory

Publicises textbooks on historical, economical lifestyles, countryside and sustainability. The Autumn House Press is a non-profit organization in the state of Pennsylvania whose purpose is to publicize and support poems and other beautiful music. Headquartered in Midland, PA, BatCat Press is a small, independently owned publishing and bookbinding company specialized in handmade issues of great poems and fiction.

The BatCat Press is fully run by Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in Midland, PA. At BatCat, we strive to produce high caliber works while giving our clients the chance to work in a publishing world. Contributions are adopted during our yearly readings and are chosen by our undergraduates with the help of members of the BatCat Press Council, a group of authors, educators and admins from all over West Pennsylvania.

John Benjamins has served the global academia for over forty years by providing high-quality research work. The Black Lawrence Press is an independant publishing house for modern literature, novels and cofiction. From time to time we also translate from French and English. Established in 2004, Black Lawrence became an impress of Dzanc Books in January 2008.

It is a publishing company devoted to the production of award-winning accounting and professional directories and special market literature. Highlights for Children's textbook section Boyds Mills Press produces a broad selection of high-quality literature and non-fiction for young people. Founded in 1990, Boyds Mills Press's storybooks, chapters, novels and specialized literature concentrate on outstanding story-telling, fanciful illustrations and powerful personalities.

Burgess Lea Press, a traditionally specialised publishing house with an exhilaratingly different philanthropy, specialises in high-quality literature by top class guides, cookery experts, restaurant owners, farm owners and globetrotters who are as enthusiastic about good cuisine and good works as we are. The BLP textbooks are beautifully crafted, with distinct coloured margins, superb photographs and inventive arts, but what makes them really unique is that all of the publisher's after-tax earnings on each product go to a related 50c-organisation.

Launched in 1987, Camino Buch aims to provide high-quality non-fiction publications of interest to the region for those living in the United States. We have a particularly powerful listing of articles on cookery, travelling, gardening as well as historical topics, but we also release biographical articles, chapters of the area, as well as textbooks on education and important topics related to healthcare.

From time to time we also release nationally interesting literature. At the moment we are publishing about 6 to 10 volumes per year and are constantly looking for new materials and work. Established in 1972 as Three Rivers Press, a poems publishing house, the particular strengths of Carnegie Mellon University Press continue to be in the field of literature publishing, with the following series:

Press also publish in the fields of fine and applied sciences, musical, performing and educational studies, university studies and sociology. The CLC Publications (formerly Christian Literature Crusade) is the publishing company for CLC Ministries International. Based in Fort Washington, PA, CLC has been publishing for Deeper Christian Life for over 50 years.

The aim of Clew Publishing is to clear up complicated information for the reader so that they can fully appreciate the study proces. In the K-12 classes, the company continues to publish teaching material focusing on literacy, math and exams. Publisher of periodicals, reference works, CD-ROMs, conference reports and peer-reviewed technical periodicals in the field of high tech and technical fields. The Dufour Editions is the US distribution company for tens of UK and Ireland publishing houses and produces its own brand of literature, collection of shorts and literature.

Duquesne University Press is the scientific publishing group of Duquesne University and aims to enhance the image and prestige of Duquesne University by promoting and widely disseminating the University. Our University Press is an unmistakable expansion of the University's engagement, reaffirmed in its strategy plans, to a "national renown for academical excellence" that goes beyond the boundaries of the schoolroom and reaches the entire university world.

With this in mind, we are serving both the university and science in general. Publishers, information service providers and consultants that bring together home cooking professionals, gastronomes, food lovers and the consumer to enjoy the flavour, nutritional properties and advantages of local groceries. The Etruscan literature journal, based at Wilkes University and cooperating with Youngstown State University, produces and promotes literature that promotes dialog between different styles, different civilizations and cast.

The Etruscans publish poetry volumes, fictions, shorts, creative nonfiction, critique, translations and Anthologies. F.A. Davis, an independant publishing house for health care, medicine and health sciences since 1879, is devoted to the provision of printed, portable and web ressources for patients and experts. For the DIY enthusiast, Fox Chapel Publishing produces a wide range of publications, journals, samples and video material.

The Golden Fleece Press is a full-service publishing house dedicated to publishing various inventive works in all genres. The Hanford Verlag publishing house releases right handbooks with the aim of creating the most extensive and up-to-date right handbooks to help lawyers with argumentation and research. The Hermes Press is one of the few publishing houses that produce solely works of book and reprint cartoons, animated cartoons and cartoons, pop music, sci-fi and pop music.

The Hyacinth Girl-Press is a micro press that produces up to 9 volumes of poems per year. Specialized in small-scale hand-made book production, we have a place in our heart for the avant-garde, the anarchists, the terrible kids you don't want to show your mum. We are interested in poesy that is concerned with the hereafter, with the Occult, and when you stumbled across a ball in the rain forest, we are not interested in being sermonized.

The Hyacinth Girl Press aims to combine femaleism, mystery and academic research with great poetics. is a 100% daughter of the Institute of Physics. The IOP Publishing offers a variety of periodicals, e-books, periodicals, web sites and research facilities that allow scientists and research institutions to appeal to the broadest possible public for their research.

Combining the corporate cultures of a scholarly community with worldwide coverage and high-efficiency and effective publishing practices and procedures. Judson Publishing is one of the American Baptist Home mission societies' programmes serving Jesus Christ in the United States and Puerto Rico with its missions.

The Judson Press currently has more than 400 printed works and issues approximately 12 new publications per year. Publications concentrate on A. C. experiences, life, Christian upbringing, Baptist histories and convictions, congregational guidance, Bible studies, sermons, ministerial work and discipleships. Judson Press is publishing The Secret Place, a subscription-based monthly devotion, and Judson Bible Journeys for Adults, a Sunday schools monthly syllabus, in addi tion to the text.

The Kallisti Publishing publications are inspirational and successful. Kallisti Publishing is producing further publications with its flag ship, The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, as well as an e-zine, Attain. Our works on both the past and the present are out now. While we have released non-fiction, literature and children's literature, our main emphasis is on non-fiction.

Although we release general, domestic and foreign interest publications, as our name suggests, we will always work to promote publications related to a location. This is a small independant media devoted to the publication of photo albums of extraordinary calibre. The New Door Book was established in 2009 to provide literature that could be missed by business publishing houses.

The mother com-pany, P.M. Gordon Associates, has been manufacturing for others since 1982. Now with New Door, we use our abilities for the kind of book we really like. With Paul Dry Journals, our goal is to release living literature "to wake, please and educate" - and to stimulate dialog. Belletristic, novel and storytelling, non-fiction, memoir, story and essay on topics from Homer to Chekhov, birdwatching to Japanese and New York City to Japanese shoguns.

A broadly diversified publishing house, whose strengths lie in publishing high calibre literature to appeal to the readers' souls. It is our aim to release amusing and amusing works by talented story-tellers of all styles, among them modern literature, mysteries, romance, self-help, general interest literature, streetlit, eroticism, non-fiction and religious literature.

The Pearhouse Press produces literary works and works of art that investigate the forces of nature to shed light on the modern age. All of our economics and psychological non-fiction is based on hands-on, homemade, tried and proven concepts - not theory - to help our readership improve their lives and work. POSSIABILITY PRESS has been publishing since 1976 and we have been involved in the field of professional and private growth since 1987.

Our publishing backgrounds include consulting, face-to-face and professional development, and motivating language. The Sakura Publishing is a small independent publishing company that likes writers who have the urge and enthusiasm to release their work. Our publications range from literature to non-fiction, poems and children's literature.

But we do like big scary and anything Asian, especially if it's based on Japan. For 36 years Schiffer Publishing Ltd. has been an independant, family-run publishing house in southeastern Pennsylvania. You are publishing in various areas of particular interest. Headquartered in Berlin, Search Press is a major arts and handicrafts publishing house specializing in visual arts, textile, general arts and handicrafts for schoolchildren.

Each year Search Press releases up to 100 of its own publications and also distributes them for other publishing houses. The Split Lip Press is an independant editor of chapterbooks, literature & poems and short stories. We' re a one-minded publishing house for punks and rocks. St. Andrew's Productions is a publishing house for Catholics, literature, newspapers as well as for religion.

Stackpole Books has been publishing the best of outdoor, historic and craftsmanship for 80 years. The Sunbury Press is a fast-growing publishing house with a broad palette of product groups. At present the company is publishing in the following categories: story, historic literature, policing, detective stories, horrors, vapor punks, young adults, kids, recent happenings, sciences, reference, arthistory, EVERY local/regional story, humour, spiritual/metaphysical, self-help, profession and memoir.

Editors of special topics that deal with problems and people. He is a well-known editor of historical textbooks specialising in publications on the US Revolution and the war. We have the necessary literature to fully understand these noteworthy occurrences in U.S. historiography, from the study of certain parts of a struggle, to the story of woman, to the testimonials of collector.

You can buy a book on supernormal occurrences and enjoy a guided tour of the Gettysburg area. University of Pittsburgh Press is a scientific publishing house with excellent publications in various fields of academia, as well as poems and feature films and Pittsburgh and West Pennsylvania for general reading, academics and undergraduates.

We have published for the past three centuries a number of important publications in the areas of leisure and recreation, therapeutic recreation, activity programming, social, commercial and commercial recreation and long-term care. We have been established with the conviction that the high standard of our products is crucial for both our clients' academic and business grow.

White Mane is publishing historic children's literature for the medium sized business and young grown-ups under the White Mane Kids Imprint. The Burd Street Press is a publisher of general, non-fiction and storybook publications for the grown-up.

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