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University of Chicago Press

JOLE (Journal of Labour Economics) was established in 1983 as the first professional magazine specifically for labour economists and presents an overview of research on questions of societal and personal behaviour and business. JOLE's staff examine various dimensions of labour economic theory, covering labour service provision and consumption, human resources management, wage sharing, trade union and wage negotiations, labour economic, labour market and demography policies and practices.

The JOLE is the Association of Labor Economists' publication. Personal subscription is connected with company members.

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A groundbreaking business woman, Johnson took the chance that most large cosmetics companies wouldn't take by penetrating the unexplored make-up markets for colored people. The JPC ARCHIVE includes photo printings, negative and colour slides with a total of approx. 4 million pictures and 10,000 videos, most of them from 1945 to the present day.

JPC contains pictures that have been copied in JPC's publication, as well as unreleased work by freelance and photographers-and JPC holds the duplication privileges for most of the pictures it produces. Featuring historic milestones as well as slice-of-life scenes, figures and VIPs, political and political figures, activists' groups and daily Americans whose jubilees and successes have been commemorated on the pages of the journals NET and EBONY.

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