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You can use the saving codes for saving 20% until the end of August. You can use the saving codes for saving 20% until the end of August.

In November 1938 Johannes Höber emigrated from Nazi Germany to America.

In November 1938 Johannes Höber emigrated from Nazi Germany to America. 50 years later, her boy found the correspondence that this splendid pair shared during the turbulent separation years. Letter from Nazi Germany, 1938-1939 gathers these epistles with an intro, a note and an epilog, which place the epistles in the contexts of their age.

Together, the epistles represent the intensive relationships of a captivating pair in a crucial phase of global evolution. Barnes: The House of Barnes: The Man, The Collection, The Controversy is a wonderfully composed survey of the exceptional artist and fleeting character of Albert C. Barnes. It places him in the contexts of his own epoch and sheds a new perspective on the thoughts and motions (about the collection, formation and aesthetics) that have influenced so much of his work.

Last but not least, the last chapter of the volume deals with the disputed issues of the Barnes Foundation's move to Philadelphia, which included fierce opposition and heavy opposition. Robert-Burns Woodward was the superstar of 20 thunder. Offers the first full, commented and updated issue of this important Del-Elizabethan letter, by Rowland Whyte as Robert Sidney's and Viscount Lisle's own private counsel at Courty and the first Earl of Leicester.

Sidney' s 292 survivors' epistles to Sidney, dated between September 1595 and December 1602, were partially meant to be secret service documentation that fully informed Sidney of judicial matters and chatter. In this issue is also a short episode of Whyteâs survival letter to Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, about the wedding of Talbotâs daugther, Lady Mary, with Robert Sidneyâs wealthy and growingly mighty grandson, William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke.

An early 18 thury gem of home museum, Wrightâs Ferry Mansion is also Pennsylvaniaâs best-kept mystery, hidden along the shores of the Susquehanna River in Columbia, PA. The building, which was constructed in 1738 for the English Quaker Susanna Wright, was renovated and decorated by the von Hess Foundation. This is a wonderful book that tells the intriguing story of the home and its former owners, Susanna Wright, who was a close acquaintance of Benjamin Franklin and other early Pennsylvania personalities.

This is the only English Quaker home in Pennsylvania that was built solely in the first half of the 18. citadel. It contains the source text of many of Susanna Wright's deeds, testaments, inventory, poems and two essays by her brothers James. Vol. 1 describing the building and the furnishing; Vol. 1 describing each object in detail.

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