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The Wombat books company publishes quality books for children. We love to find these unique stories that unite us all as independent publishers. Most of them allow submissions and publish children's writings. At the end it will be discussed whether the publishers are interested in your book fees. Santillana's children's department offers translations from Spanish classics and bestsellers to authentic literary titles.

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However, when the environment for e-books is unsure, other areas of electronic content are already being enthusiastically received by the printing sector, and that includes children's music. A whole volume - Michael Grant's Gone - was made available for a short time in April by Egmont to create words of encouragement and sell.

Brand' such as' Beast Quest' (published by Orchard) and'Young Bond' (Puffin) now all have their own webspace with activity, downloadable facilities and onlinefans. The development of web sites for big names and writers is now more a matter of course than the luxuries of two or three years ago - kids are expecting to find this information on-line.

To the writers, the global online environment opens up its reaches to the reader in a way that was previously impossible. It has also allowed publishing houses to target new target groups by advertising new books and writers through games and online communities. There is a creative'add-on' to the print part of the game.

Also Puffin created a web-based play to promote the release of a "Young Bond" song, called Outrage. Salariya Publishing (Book House) develops a whole range of literature publications under its Scribo label, whose plot strands are backed up by on-line sources such as matches, additional guides and more. However, this is an opportunity for young creatives to write and publish their work in a paperback.

Meanwhile, there are a number of organizations that offer to publish "yearbooks" for students, which also contain works by schoolchildren. And Scholastic goes one better by making available on-line gadgets that allow a school to make its own textbook, which is then published in the number of copies it requires. There' s a constantly increasing amount of useful digitally based resource to support reading and story telling, from educational materials such as Scholastic's interactive'Read and Respond' program to resourceful content provided by freelance companies such as authoring video on www.childrensauthors. tv and the Storyspinner Storiestelling CD.

What many booksellers are expecting, however, is the advent of e-books in a sensible way. There is a collective move towards ebooks, and Steve and I believe the web is a good place to buy them, but kids need to be conscious of how to use them safely," he says.

The United Kingdom has seen a slowdown in the provision of e-book format due to the absence of an incumbent eReader equipment and format delivery platform and a high-marketplace. These are not normal shopping for many grown-ups with e-reader prices of around 200 or more, let alone for kids. There is also no formulae for borrowing e-books from schools or official library.

After the US took the helm, US provider Overdrive has embarked on supplying e-books to a fistful of UK Libraries and UK Librarians are now starting to offer e-book format, as well as Askews. But they have embarked on making e-books available through retail and on-line. Andersen Press recently announces that it will make a number of its teens' magazines available as e-books, among them those of Henning Mankell and Sandra Glover.

In addition to the print version, new publications will also appear in e-book format. For a while now, the impartial publishing house publishing house publishing e-books, especially for kids and young adults with literacy problems. Publishing houses are keeping an eyeball on the record business, for which downloading digitally was atrocious.

However, the development towards electronic publishing is more gently forecast due to the value and emotionality associated with the conventional publishing method. At least now the connection between print and electronic data is good, because the new technology contributes to getting digitally versed reader to use the print world.

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