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We' re publishing picture books for children, so please make sure your text is a story. Self publishing ebooks for children in Kindle and paperback. These are books that celebrate the richness and diversity of our world today. You are looking for a reliable children's book publisher? One of the most trusted children's book publishers, Maa Illustration offers Lulu and Kindle self-publishing packages at affordable prices.

Storybook submissions Maverick Kinderb├╝cher

In order to help you with the submission, we have compiled a short film with our'Top Ten Tips on Submitting a Manuscript'. There will be no posts on any of the linked sites or in a drop box. You know, we take rhymes or fiction, but not poems. When you don't think that rhymes are your strong suit, then you should start writing in fiction - we get far more rhymes than fiction, but want to release more of them!

Please enter your name and the text of your message in the reference line. Entries will only be accepted by e-mail. Usolicited scripts are accepted. When you submit more than one manuscript, please enter the same e-mail. We' re publishing storybooks for kids, so please make sure your text is a history.

Her name in the e-mail (you'd be surprised how many folks forgot to give a name!). Response Time: We are currently working on the February 2018 entries. Because of the high rate of entries we have received, please be aware that we have chosen not to personalize the responses, but only to allow us to return to you at a better hour (we will respond directly from the e-mail you sent us so you know what you have submitted).

Please be sure that all entries are correctly processed despite this modification. Before you ask for an answer to your inquiry, please give us 6 month time. Please use the submit button if you have any queries about how to submit a paper. Don't send your question to the entry e-mail, it will be queued!

There are four reasons for self-publishing your children's textbook

I' m a children's writer and illustrator." Everyone I speak to seems to have a story board in them just sitting there just waitin' to be made. Us children's authors are impassioned human beings. I' ve authored and illustrate two storybooks that were converted into iPad applications a few years ago.

I had to get my children and my family to love the Moon and Back, so I thought I'd publish them as tradition. Nothing like cuddling a kid in his arms to read a fairy tale book, right? So began a three-year trial of submission of my books to publishing houses and agencies.

When I listened to an audio briefing with the writer Hugh Howie, I almost gave up my dreams. Wool, his mega-successful sci-fi novel, was released and marketed by Amazon. One thing that really aroused my interest in this topic was when he told me how inexpensive self-publication can be today. These are some surprises I've learnt that could give you the impetus to go through the independent publishing door:

1 ) Nowadays it is almost not possible to enter the publishing tradition. This is mainly because accounting firms have to guarantee a certain number of transactions. They' re in trade to make a living and with the high costs of advance payments and pressure they' re much less willing to take chances.

This means that contributions from unfamiliar writers who do not have a sturdy and reliable online community can hardly be seen. These days, most publishers only study scripts from operatives. It' s as hard to find a wife as it is to find a publishers, unless you're a celeb. 2 ) Publishers are expecting writers to sell their books.

Publishers do not market their books as they did ten years ago. Writers are no longer commissioned to conduct bookkeeping and interviewing. The writers are supposed to do it themselves. Against this background I know some of the most popular, traditional writers who have chosen to release their own independent books and to use their own sociomedia energy in advertising.

3 ) Amazon makes self-publishing simple and inexpensive. Amazons has entered into a partnership with the print-on-demand publishing house CreateSpace. Without setup charges, all you have to do is post your work to CreateSpace's website to have it published on an Amazon website and sell it on request (in America!). It gives you full control over all the necessary utilities to create a covers and load your manuscripts in the correct data formats.

Since I had the opportunity to make my own artwork, the only cash I had to spend was to have my work done. It feels great to have a fee in my bankroll when one of my books is on sale at Amazon. Self publishing gives writers imaginative controls.

I would like to thank the Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. He bends back from what I see to help independent writers. He enabled me to release my books when the costs of off-set print thousand books were not an optional extra.

Every and every order from Amazon, CreateSpace will print it and send it to the buyer at no charge to me. This frustration I overcome when I recalled Beatrix Potter, writer and illustrated "Peter Rabbit". Not being able to find a publishing house, she chose to dive into her life saving and release her little jewel of a work.

Because of the high cost of the prints, she published The Tale of Peter Rabbit with a coloured fronispiece and inner woodcuts in monochrome. Once her novel began to fly off the bookshelves of the toyshops, it was collected by Frederick R. Warne and transferred to the wonderful full-colour version that is still in use.

I wish you every happiness on your trip if you are a disgruntled children's writer who is willing to take a step and see your stories in printed form. Maybe you are the next big hit with publishers on your doorstep awaiting your registration.

Today, thanks to CreateSpace and Amazon, is an accessible experience in the palms of kids across the land and across the oceans.

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