Publishing and Selling an Ebook

Selling and publishing an ebook

Selling an eBook from my website? You wrote an eBook! Good tidings - this is usually easy if you only want to resell a single downloaded file! It is possible to begin with a single click to begin with a single click to begin with a single click. When downloading your own file in Adobe Acrobat Reader is the right way for you, that's exactly what you do:

Don't buy a ledger that will make folks wish they had it. Do it optically pleasing, or ask someone to do it for you. Make an artwork for the artwork. It' easy to do on Canva - just make a plain but attractive artwork and upload it as either zip or mpg.

When you have Adobe Acrobat, you can merge PDF files directly into Adobe and insert your title picture at the beginning of the volume. Ifyoudo NOT have Acrobat, insert your picture of the covers to the beginning of your books, if it is still in the document, and save it (or press it as pdf).

Advertise and sale! If you decide to setup and reroute it with a PayPal badge, you need to build a page on your website where you can reroute someone after the sale, and they will do so. There can be a easy page with a thank you for the buying news and the PDF directly for them to upload.

You can also insert an e-mail attachement for sending on most e-mail sending machines, such as ConvertKit. You could be part of the whole procedure so that they could type in their e-mail addresses, then make payment and then ship. These are all and more the kinds of things I do in my Write Publishing Sell Academy.

So if you need help with the nitty-gritty of #allthethings included in typing, publishing and selling your accounts, printing and ebook, you should check it out! Full detail to make sure you don't miss the most important stages in publishing and bringing your product to market! Please verify your e-mail to validate your subscriptions.

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