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The Writer's Digest Conference (New York, NY). Long-Iceland collectors Dr. Harvey Manes has joined the WPL Agency to present his collection of the collection of the collection of his work Collection for Pleasure and Profit.

Long-Iceland collectors Dr. Harvey Manes has joined the WPL Agency to present his collection of the collection of the collection of his work Collection for Pleasure and Profit. Whilst most of us have to go to a local museums to see pictures of Pablo Picasso or Andy Warhol, Dr. Harvey Manes just has to go into his lounge.

For the past 45 years, the orthopaedist from Old Westbury has collected the collections of world-renowned artists, a pastime he calls passions and investments. "It' not just a rally, it's an invest. Rather than buy a supply where you just have a sheet of cardboard, I buy a nice bit of art," said Manes. What I'm doing is I'm not going to buy a bar.

Onees has always had a close relationship to the arts, which was triggered by excursions to the Brooklyn Museum of Arts as a kid. Beginning with sculpture in collegiate education and the wish to know more about the arts and their histories, he began growing and motivated to study Fine Arts at the SUNY Binghamton before joining the Faculty of Medicine.

When he became a physician, he began to collect works of arts that were cheap at the moment and ranged from $5,000 to $25,000.

CHRISTIAN : Pourquoi j'ai signé avec un agent littéraire new-yorkais

On my writers' blogs last weekend I told them that I am signing with Frahlingin Rachel Ekstrom from the Irene Goodman Literature Agency in New York. Most of you have given incredible support to my publishing careers so far, and I know you will have some doubts. I' m a big publisher in all its facets and none of us know where the sector is going.

It' s also quite ironical that I have the feeling that I have to protect my choice, because in the past self-publishing has needed the defence more! I don't know why I want an operative. I' m an writer and businessman, so my aims are the centre of attention: To achieve these objectives, I have worked as an independant writer with professionals, authors, book covers and formatting professionals over the last 3.5 years.

I' m also dependent on publishers like Amazon, Kobo and BookBaby to get my book into the reader's hand. I' m looking at signature with an agents and possibly a conventional editor in the same way. You are a partner with whom I will work to reach a mutual benefit.

I' ve learned something about publishing for almost four years, so this has certainly been done with foresight. I' ve also researched a great deal about agreements and laws, attended the Rights Workshops at the London Book Fair and looked through a number of textbooks on contractual terms. As an independent writer, it's no longer just about self-publication.

It' more about taking charge of your authoring careers and becoming a creativ manager for each of them. If you want to know more, the Alliance of Independent Authors has a great explanation here. Subscribing with an agen and following up on the tradition of publishing reflect my above objectives as follows:

Tradicional publishing is ideal for the production of premium branded music. I' m currently employing several different writers during my write cycle, and I totally believe that this is crucial for any writer. Hopefully, publishing tradition will take me to a new stage in my work and take me further. Tradicional publishing will allow me to reach a broader public.

Many people are still going to buy only in bookshops or listen to them through more conventional places like booking associations. While I can get in touch with an on-line public myself, there are also opportunities for me to follow using conventional publishing. I' m the kind of genre that wants a hybride beginning that combines publishing traditionally with self-publishing.

This is because publishing traditionally and independently is not incompatible. It can provide studs with advance payments and then a rolled month' s revenue with self-publication. One of the reasons I went specifically with the Irene Goodman agency is because they realize that self-publication can be an election for some of their writers at certain times, subject to the particulars of the author's careers and aims.

And I know some of their writers who are already successfully pursuing this hybride strategy. At the moment nothing changes that my works are for sell. As you know, I am proud of my self-publication and am determined to go on with it in some way. In fact, I recently reissued my first ever volume on careershifts.

Initially this was subtitled'Adventures in Publishing' and it was always my aim to one of these days have a bookstore. There are still bookshops on the main road in the UK and my folks are reading printed copies they buy from Waterstones. There' definitely remains some form of authoritative and socially proven publishing that I want to profit from as long as I can incorporate it into my self-publishing objectives.

Let me also say that I have done so that I can legitimately participate in the debates on publishing, which I can only give a second-hand account of at the time. In addition to my charming asset, Rachel Ekstrom, Irene Goodman has some great lawyers who concentrate on certain areas of ancillary copyright.

I' m curious what they can do with my textbooks. but some writers are doing it, and I've always had stretching targets and dream! During the thriller festival I was thrilled to see some of the great writers I call my writers.

As much as I enjoy self-publishing, even in the marketplace, I think that when I get a bookstore, I am more able to get blurriness from great people. I' ve got to develop my own writers' brands over the years, and it' s crucial to get involved in this. It is an area that is gradually opening up to indie, but most prices are still rooted in publishing.

If I' m in London, why a New York operative? As for publishing, however, I believe that the Americans are still ahead of us in relation to the new publishing world. What I wanted was a forward-looking operative in an innovating company. It is also a larger US bookshop and my actual sells are about 4:1 US:UK-splits.

Publishers are more likely to pick up in the UK and other places the book that make it big in the US. At the moment, the ledgers I have are not the end of what I can make. I' ve got a lot of good thoughts and I'm still working on more book.

Right now I'm mainly working in the Exodus libary, ARKANE #3 and I' m looking for my next one, Hunterian, which may be a standalone work or the beginning of a new one. It' a serious carreer for me. I' d like to distribute some of my works to the right specialist publishing house and others myself.

Deciding to subscribe to an agents and traditionally publish some of these works opens up opportunities, but it certainly doesn't stop me from doing all manner of thrilling things in the world. iStockphoto, Flickr CC: Wall of textbooks by sbisson, my own and iStockphoto.

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