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Agents for new authors

and other forms of madness: Agent looking for customers Please review and strictly adhere to the terms of entry before sending anything to an agency. Usually, your spy is overwhelmed with queries, which means they will use any excuses to drop your submissions in the can. There' re some ruthless folks out there who say they're operatives, but who really want to seduce authors who are desperately trying to get their writings published.

Never use an " spy " to view or modify your work. "DO search AgentQuery and Preditors and Editor. Great places to find listings of operatives and what they want: it also contains a great deal of information about operatives and categories that can be very useful.

  • we' ll have a list of agent every week looking for customers and other ways. We are looking for Adult Feature entries in the following genres: Sci-Fi, Phantasy, Speculative, Horror and Thriller. At Intermediate level she is looking for imagination (not necessarily contemporary) and psychic cues. It is Alice Williams who writes books for kids in the fields of novels and non-fiction.

She values thoroughly investigated historic sites in literature. In the fields of religious, spiritual, memoirs and culture, Roger Freet is looking for story and idea-oriented non-fiction books by top scientists, ministers, historicists, activists of music. Featuring classical science fi lm, adventures, modern biographies, mystery and thriller. Joanna Castillo is interested in fine commercial literature.

Books of poetry, women's books, memoirs, inspiring self-help, Latinx books of poetry and non-fiction (adults and children), translation books, narratives and cookbooks. She is looking for fine and sophisticated writing and memoirs, especially with a strong emphasis on identities or internationally oriented books, narratives, journals and stories. She is particularly attracted by young adults and intermediate school books.

The One Track Literature Agency (Tara Gelsomino) stands for romanticism, women's literature, enigmas and young adults. Mathew Huff (Levine Greenberg Rostan Literature Agency) is interested in books with a touch of enigma and adventures, be it a novel for the medium or young, a high tech fantasy story or a curvaceous novel-triller.

5 June 2018 - 2 new agents looking for MG, YA imagination, business wizardry, humour and more Lara Lea Allen (Lotts Agency) seeks all categories of business wizardry, YA imagination and non-fiction.

Readlie Meredith (Mary Evans) is interested in new vocabulary in memoirs, in sciences, ecology, psychology, animal and natural sciences, and in mental -body-spirit practice.

He is looking for YA speculation, sophisticated and literature novels, modern women's literature, psychologic mystery and thriller, familial legends and historic works with a hint of magic reality, folkpsy, humour, essays and memoir that address major social issues. She is a fan of novice literature, has found many new and thrilling booklets, found great feminine and POV character tales, and would like to see more LGBTQ+ character in sci-fi and imagination.

She is particularly interested in medium and young literature for adults of all kinds - from real isttions to fantasies (with a particular penchant for horse and kite titles). She is interested in YA and MG literature, especially Own Voices. The name Whitney Ross stands for middle-class literature, young adults and adults of all styles, with a focus on history, SF & imagination, romanticism and comedy.

She is currently receiving enquiries for adults' books, both high-level and high-profile. She' d like you to send her her modern imagination. She is interested in novels and high-quality business novels, but is also looking for books, memoirs and children's music.

  • Erin McFadden (Fletcher & Company) wants both a fictional and a non-fiction book. Hamessley is active in creating a collection of children's literature ranging from storyboards to YA to selected grown-up sci-fi and gruesome siblings. It is Jennifer Chen Tran (Bradford Literary) who is interested in promoting literature and business literature. She enjoys reading non-fiction that expands her worldview or sheds new light on " great concepts ".

" AMANADA ANNIS (Trident Media Group) is looking for books and non-fiction. WENDIGU (Janklov & Nesbit) wants illustrations, children's books and grown-up novels and non-fiction that talk about negotiating identities, expulsion and raciality. She is particularly interested in books of non-fiction in Spain and translations in general.

Seymour agency Lynnette Novak is looking for fantasies, thrillers, modern romanticism, mysteries and sci-fi in grown-up music. In YA she wants to play fantastic, sci-fi, terrible, modern, thriller and mysterious. The Bent Agency, Rachel Horowitz, specialises in children's and adults' books. The Corvisiero Agency's Jennifer Haskin is looking for young adults's books, fantasies, science fixtures and dystopic clichés.

Encyclopaedia Wangler (Massie & McQuilkin) is mainly looking for literature, sophisticated and sophisticated industrial literature, thrillers, culture critics, narratives, collections of essays, memoirs and young people. Stonesong's Adrienne Rosado is looking for adults' and children's literature as well as selected non-fiction books from the fields of pop-science, economics and the sometimes weird world.

Ayesha Pande Literary (Luba Ostashevsky) is interested in non-fiction books that can give the reader a feeling of wonder at the rest of the oceans, but also in those that emphasize people or issues that we rarely see, or in those that convey us in space and space or create a detachment from the confidant.

She is interested in cookery, storytelling, pop cultural, storytelling and memoirs as well as supporting writers from different background in telling important to them. AN LESLIE TUTTE (Dystel, Goderich & Bourret) is an active search for all sorts of romanticism from contemporary, historian and romantics to paranormal and inspiration.

Juli Tibbott (Jill Corcoran Literary Agency) wants psychothriller; smart enigmas; hedgehog fantasies; imagination with a foothold in the physical universe; high-concept fantasies and non-fiction with a popular cultural link. AI Herring ( "Spencerhill") is interested in YA and MG commerce (especially sci-fi, imagination and adventure), romanticism, feminist literature and Christian/inspirational clichés.

LaTorre-Snyder (Corvisiero Literary) is interested in fantasy, historic phantasy, romanticism (with magic elements), spaceoper, steamspunk and thriller (with magic elements). ucinda Karter (Jennifer Lyons Agency) is looking for a series of textbooks for adults, young adults and kids, story, biography, memoirs and music, finances and economy as well as novelties.

ilary Harwell (KT Literary) is looking for literature for the medium sized business and young adults. She is interested in literature, business literature, women's literature, romanticism and selected memories. The Capital Talent Agency, Shaheen Qureshi, wants to create literature and non-fiction with a focus on historic literature and narratives as well as memories, cookery books and graphical books.

Lucinda Literature is active in the search for literature for the medium sized business, young adults and adults as well as non-fiction. The Beth Vesel Literature Agency seeks literature and narratives. Wekstein is interested in YA destiny, but also in history, romanticism, female destiny, phantasy and sci-fi.

Fineprint's Lauren Bieker is looking for sophisticated female literature. The Bent Agency's John Bowers is looking for literature and serious non-fiction. S. Caiby (Serendipity) is specialized in young and adult literature. It is Katelyn Hales (Robin Straus Agency) who is interested in fictional literature, spectacular speculation and non-fiction. The Jennifer De Chiara Literature Agency (Damian McNicholl) is looking for literature and non-fiction, incl. memoir.

The Kortney Price (Holloway Literary) is looking for literature for the medium sized business, young adults and new adults. The Corvisiero Literary Agency is interested in young adults, new adults and grown-up literature, especially fantaisy-. Ed Maxwell (Sanford J. Greenburger Associates) is looking for knowledgeable and close-up non-fiction writers, novel and graphics writers, children's books writers and illuminators.

She is interested in literature and fine literature, historic and female literature and youth literature (all genres). In search of a novel with great lyrics and unexpected storylines, Shana Kelly (Einstein Literary) falls between commercially and literarily. The most active Molly O'Neill (Root Literary) is looking for young adults and medium sized literature.

In addition, she is looking for a selected number of children's illustrations. Quill Shift Literary Agency (Ayanna Coleman) is looking for young adults and medium sized novels in all categories. Ayesha Pande Literary Serene Hakim is an active search for young adults (all styles, but most of all: sci-fi and phantasy with a one-of-a-kind catch, real YA with different characters), sophisticated women's literature and everything that gives a vote to those whose votes are under-represented and/or marginalised.

The Elizabeth Copps (Maria Carvaini's Agency) presents a broad palette of MG and YA styles, as well as modern + literature based fictions, mysteries, psychothrillers, female fictions, historic fictions, horrors and selected non-fiction. She is interested in literature and non-fiction for medium and young adults. She' s open to all kinds of genre, but has a particular liking for imagination and academia - Janna Bonikowski (The Knight Agency) is looking for female and romanticism, historic clichés, literary/commercial clichés, young adults and exciting clichés.

Nov 10, 2016 - 3 New Literature Agents Seaeking Client NOW Rachel Crawford (Wolf Literature Services) is interested in literature and YA. She is interested in technology, futureism, ecology, psychology as well as sciences. She is particularly interested in children's literature (YA & MG).

She is looking for female début authors, especially in literature and literature for book groups. Random House Head of Sales and Distribution for many years is looking for non-fiction books, such as memoirs, biographies, history, stories, economics, sport, pop art, as well as fictionalism. The author is interested in fictional literature, historic clichés, transnational stories and bridging genre storylines.

She searches in non-fiction for social and political awareness stories, especially those that deal in an open way with the culture of sex, races and classes, but also with folklore, biographies, cultural theories, and memori. The book seeks NA, YA-gritty storylines with different personalities; fiction-thought thriller, romanticism with powerful leading feminine actors, scientifically sound sci-fi, and sport-oriented storylines; non-fiction book memories that focus on growing up, cultural/ethnic/sexuality, survivors, and comedy.

TriadaUS' Amelia Appel is particularly interested in literature based upon literature, enigma, thrillers, historic fictions, sci-fi and fantasies and horror. The Gernert Company's Anna Worrall wants to present literature and business literature, psychothrillers and narratives by intelligent people. BookEnds' Tracy Marchini seeks picture-book, middle-school and youth scripts in most categories, among them contemporaries, enigmas, suspense, magical reality, historic destiny and non-fiction.

She is looking for women's literature. This is Kristy Hunter (The Knight Agency) looking for literature in various styles. Sandra Dijkstra Frahlingur (Suzy Evans) is looking for non-fiction, self-help, gastronomic literature, thriller, children's literature, graphics novel. Elise-Erickson (Harold Ober Associates) is looking for romanticism and all its subspecies, women's literature, para-normal, mysterious things inclusive smart cosy enigmas, thriller, historical phantasy, business literature and some YA.

No-longer an agent - Lori Galvin (Zachary Shuster Harmsworth) is looking for cooks. The Donald Maass Literature Agency (Paul Stevens) is looking for sci-fi, phantasy, mystery, tension and comedy. It is Kemi Faderin (Dystel & Goderich) in search of intelligent, plot-driven YA, historic/ factual literature, modern female diction and literature clichés.

The Stuart Agency's Rob Kirkpatrick seeks memories, biographies, sport, music, folk art, contemporary happenings and histories. She is interested in women's literature, thriller, romanticism, YA and literature and literature of the fictional world. Red Sofa Literature seeks humour literature, comic memoirs, dark mid-range, New Age with a powerful stage, bizarre non-fiction (YA/MG and adults), story and ghosts seeks literature and sophisticated business fictions, young adults, memoirs, narratives, folklore, cultural critique and women's questions.

seeks writers who write across the entire range of literature and non-fiction, among them thriller, tension, thrillers and literature, but also story-based non-fiction, political literature, public relations, folklore, history, memoirs, contemporary affairs and more. New Leaf Literature & Media is looking for medium and young adults as well as mysteries and fantasies for adults.

Elise Capron (Sandra Dijkstra Literature Agency) is looking for grown-up literature, multilingual literature, debuts, story-collection and, on the non-fiction page, trade-friendly culture and/or environmenthistories. Zachary Shuster Harmsworth (Nan Thornton) is looking for literature in the fields of literature, narratives, biography, memoirs and non-fiction in the fields of healthcare, academia, economics, upbringing, and educators.

Datz Arielle (Dunow, Carlson, & Lerner) is looking for a fictional (adult, YA, or mid-range ), both realist and fantasy/sci-fi. She searches for articles in non-fiction, as well as unusual reminiscences, popular art and social studies. Ayesha Pande Litary is looking for character-based belles lettres or non-fiction, thriller books, memories, YA books and graphical novellas.

Thiria Skinner (Fuse Literary) is looking for romantic. Yodell Sadler (Sadler Children's Literary) is looking for author-illustrators, picture- and chapterbooks, MG and YA (especially funny), literature and freeski. DANIELE BURBY (HSG Agency) is looking for young adults, enigma, women's literature and imagination. Literary ) is looking for YA and adults sci-fi and fantasy, thriller and enigmas; and in non-fiction, cookery literature, popular art, humour, essay compilations and blogs to post great stories.

ary South ( "Lowenstein Associates") is looking for literature and books of non-fiction: neurosciences, bio-engineering, women's liberties, modern science, research, design as well as investigation journals, et cit. She is looking for literature and business fictions, romanticism (all sub-genres except paranormal), psychothrillers, cosy enigmas and memoirs. She searches in young adults for modern, real istories.

She' s also looking for middle-class literature. She' ll accept humour textbooks in non-fiction. Jill Corcoran Literary's Eve Porinchak is looking for angular, psychedelic suspense, gang-lit and realist contemporaries. Clozed to Quries Penny Moore (FinePrint Literary Management) is looking for illustrated textbooks, medium and young adults (especially phantasy, historic literature, sci-fi and modern tales of romanticism and the difficulties of adolescence).

For adults: spectacular fictions, sci-fi, fantasies, psychothrillers and selected romantic. It is also open to books on popular music, humour, travelling, eating and domestic animals. We are looking for grown-up, medium and young grown-up literature in all categories (romance, phantasy, realism, light science literature and graphics), selected literature (preferably with business orientation).

Curtis Brown (Noah Ballard, Ltd.) is specialized in debut literature, sophisticated thriller and storytelling articles, as well as selected YA and mid-range that is break-point. 29 April 2015 - 2 New Agents Seeking Clients - non-fiction Trena White (Transatlantic Agency, Canada) is looking for non-fiction books in the areas: news, economy, economics, culture, policy, science, technology, religious and environmental.

The Stonesong Literary is looking for non-fiction in the fields of economics, finances, investment, academia, popular art and recent affairs. Transatlantic Literary's Jesse Finkelstein is looking for non-fiction. The Tobias agency's Lane Heymont is particularly interested in sci-fi and imagination. This is Caitie Flum by Liza Dawson Associates looking for historic fictions, mysteries/thrillers of all sorts, magic realisticism and Memoir.

She is also looking for Young adults and New adults in particular romanticism, historic clichés, mystery and thriller and modernity. He has a particular interest in sci-fi and phantasy, young adults and medium-sized novel. She is interested in promoting young adults, kids, non-fiction, memoirs and commercials.

Browne & Miller Literary Associates' Abby Saul is looking for great and engaging lyrics regardless of gender. The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency's Melissa Edwards is interested in readable, engaging and engaging novels with sympathetic characters, cheerful women's literature and YA, feminine (possibly small-town) tension and a totally vivid imagination.

Jane Rotrosen's Rebecca Scherer is looking for female fantasy, enigma, suspense/thriller, romanticism, sophisticated fantasy at the interface between advertising and literature. Brower Literary's Kimberly Brower is looking for a career in female literature, modern romanticism, mysteries/thrillers, new adults and young adults, and certain areas of non-fiction, in particular literature on economics, nutrition and physical work.

The Seymour Agency's Julie Gwinn is looking for Christian and inspiring literature and non-fiction, women's literature (contemporary and historical), New adults, Southern literature, literatur ary and young adults. atricia Nelson of Marsal Lyon Literature Agency is looking for adults and YA Faci. She is interested in literature and business literature in the categories of New Age, Women's Film and Romantic.

In YA's search for contemporary/realistic fictions, YA mystery/thriller, gruesome, magic-realist, sci-fi and phantasy. She' s also interested in discovering thrilling multi-cultural and GGBTQ fictions, both YA and adults. TriadaUS Literary Agency's Brent Taylor is looking for mid-range, young adults, new adults and selected mystery/crime and female clichés.

Chalberg & Sussman's Lana Popovic is looking for Young adults and middle-grade objects, from modern reality to spectacular phantasy, phantom, horror, sicfi and history. Lana is interested in the adults genre, literature thriller, phantasy, horror, eroticism, romanticism and selected non-fiction. Donaghy Literature Group's Valerie Noble is looking for YA/NA scientific and fantastical films, historic phantasy and historic imagination.

Andrea Hurst & Associates' Genevieve Nine is looking for fantasy (open to all genres except game), science fiction, mysty, historic fiction retellings (classics, fairytales, myth), contemporary realism (especially with humour elements). It also covers the following classes of adults and new adults: Mysstery ( (Detective/PI, Aminateur, Cosy, Historic, Comics, Caper), Thriller (Supernatural, Historic, Catastrophe, Ecological), Gothic/Hauntings/Quiet Horror, Historical Fiction, Retellings (Classics, Tales, Myth), Romantic Comedy, Magical Realism, Food Memoir, Travelogue/Travel Memoir.

Trident Media Group tel que Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young adults, Comics, Graphic novel, Historical, Horror, Literary, Middle Grade, Mistery, Thrillers und New adults, Historical, and more. He searches for art, cinema, photography, biography, memoirs, self-help, sport, travel, world civilizations, real crimes, mind / body / spirit, narrative articles, politics, news, popular art, entertainment, relationships, family, science, technology.

Hannigan Salky Getzler's Bendimerad is active in the search for literature, high level literature and selected youth and high school. She' s fond of smart fictional literature with a refreshing sound, old tales, books with travelling features or tales from other lands, legends about families, formal experiences and complicated but likeable personalities.

She is looking for subjects from the fields of pop cultural, musical and artistic heritage, non-conventional economics, political science, nonfiction, social studies, cookery, travelling and memoirs. Here's a roster of 26 operatives looking for romanticism. More than 130 agent representatives of Sci-Fi and imagination are being added to. Each of these operatives is extending their customer base.

Writer's House's Stacy Testa is looking for fictional literature and sophisticated female literature, especially character-based tales with an internatinal background, historic orientation or focusing on a singular sub-culture. They also represent real young adults (no dystopic or para-normal, please!). She is particularly interested in non-fiction books for young "millennial" vocals with a lot of humour and a powerful stage, astonishing and one-of-a-kind memoir and language-driven narrations about little-known historic events.

On the lookout for adults as well as MG, YA and New Addresses. The Mackenzie Brady Wilson (SK Agency) is looking for memoir, missing stories, athletic epics, real thrillers and gift/lifestyle novels as well as selected fictions of adults and YA. The Inklings Literary Agency (Whitley Abell) is particularly interested in Young adults, middle grade, and choose Upmarket Women's Fait.

Aleksandr Slater (Trident Media Group) is interested in children's, medium and youth books and non-fiction books by new and existing writers. ary Krienke from Sterling Lord Literistic is looking for literature based clichés, imaginative non-fiction and real YA. KT Literary's Renee Nyen is looking for Young-Adult and middle grad fi l...

Talcott Notch Literary's Jessica Negron is interested in all sorts of YA and adultfiction, but she is interested in sci-fi and fantasy and all the little subgenres, romantic (the darker, the better) and thriller. WordWise Media's NO LONGER AN AGENT Steven Hutson covers a broad spectrum of literature and non-fiction for grown-ups and schoolchildren.

This is Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary, Inc.

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