Publishing a novel

To publish a novel

This is no longer the way the world works. If you publish your book traditionally or become an indie author, you need to think and act like your novel is a product, one that you need to sell for a profit. The first thing you learn is the craft of writing. I'm the first writer to have just finished a novel. I'm not sure where I'm going from here.

Novel Publishing Adventure - Submit your script today

Are your ledgers taking your reader into a fast-paced, dangerous and adventurous environment? Our services can help you spread your work worldwide in the following formats: email, bookback and audio and help you to develop a prosperous and lasting authoring future. Your work can be published in 90 or less day or less in either email, hardcopy or audio format (provided your work is fully revised and prepared to go).

We' ll not hurry up a project just to meet a date when the script is not finished. There are no publication charges for your textbook if it' s approved, and we are offering higher than usual licensing rates! We' ll also help you promote yourself and your textbooks to generate a sustained full-time author's pay.

We' re currently receiving entries for Adventures. They must have at least three books, either typed or scheduled, and each must be at least 50,000 words long. We' re looking for three books to help you create a faithful audiences and a loyalty mark in a particular category, which can help you generate a full-time royalty pay.

These are the sub-genres of adventurous fiction we are most interested in: Expic Adventure: Adventurous epics contain tales of greatness and heroeship. All the Hobbit, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter could be regarded as adventurous epics. The adventurous sub-genre produces a tale in which utopic or satire topics are interwoven into a tale in which the main character is travelling on a great voyage - but often this voyage is not realistic or could not be so.

Loss-Up World: Oftentimes, mislaid histories connect aspects of imagination, sci-fi and adventures; they include the exploration of missing places, missing species, missing towns and missing states. Often it is about discovering a new (or forgotten) obsolete, out of place or both. The Tomb Raider, Journey to the Center of the Earth, King Kong and Dinotopia are just a few of the many tales of a stranded state.

Men's adventure: A sub-genre of adventures often contains frightening stories about adventures or war tricks from bold, alien journeys, conflicts with savage creatures or vigilantes. That was particularly appreciated during the flourishing days of the cellulose publisher, when exciting adventures of discoverers like Allan Quartermain dominated the days. This sub-genre of the story contains a tale or folk tale about romance and adventures, which often contains sexual and sexy contents.

In an alternative past where the use of unbelievable technologies is possible with the use of vapor energy, stem punk stories often contain bold adventurous and derring-do features. Do you have daring dirigible robots or flocks of invasive steam-powered dinosaur robots in your novel? Which kinds of adventures book do you have? We' re publishing all of our adventures sub-genres (see the sub-genres that interest us the most).

So if you have authored or are working on an adventures story guide or serial, please feel free to get in touch with us here to see if it would be good for us to release your work. Are you accepting unwanted adventurous scripts? Yes, we are accepting unasked scripts in all important categories and non-fiction, adventures included.

So where are you going to put my storybook? Alberta publishes Amazon Kindle in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan, India and many other nations. Printed publications will be available throughout North America, Europe, parts of Asia and possibly other parts of the world if our distributors are interested in shipping your work.

Audio books are released in the US on and are available worldwide from Audible, Amazon and iTunes, the world's biggest online audio booksellers. What money will I get for the publication of my novel? When we make $10,000 in royalty on your work, you will receive 50% of that amount or $5,000.

When we make $5,000 for a 5-year contract to licence English translation for your books, you make 50% or $2,500. It' as easy as that: for every buck your books bring in, you get half (that's 3-5 times more than what a conventional publishers pays). Do you offer any of the following publishers' activities?

Our company is an independant full-service publishers. This means we are able to offer every kind of services you need, from ghost writing and development editorial to publication, and more. Is my work going to be available on foreign exchanges? It will be available worldwide in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan and many other locations through Amazon and other sales outlets.

Furthermore, we are active in selling our publications all year round to major publications as well as to the Frankfurt and London Frankfurt Book Fairs. I' ve previously either had my own publication, or my own publication. Yes, provided that your agreement allows you to change, we can re-publish your textbook and promote it for you.

In any case, if you have already released your own work, you can change to us immediately. When you have your books with another company, you must check your agreement to see if you still own the copyright to your work. Should you have any queries about whether a former publishers is controlling the copyrights to your work, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

In any case, if your script was written on a typing machine or by hand, we will want to type it into a computer text processing system so that we can process and make it public for you. Please fill out the contact sheet below or e-mail us at[email protected] to get in contact with us about the publication of your work.

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