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Latest jobs and career information from the independent publishing world. Competent advice and information for independent publishers. This is a regularly updated list of British publishers who print poetry brochures. This famous British small press with offices in London publishes novels and non-fiction as well as poems by global writers and poets in stylish editions. See Quarto Publishing Group UK Books.

Ninety-six exciting independent British publishers

Hoorst Publishers: Find out more about Hurst HERE. Allma Books: Alma took over the Oneworld Classic index in 2012 and now releases around seventy books per year. Find out more about Alma HERE. The Cillian Press: The Cillian are all about covering evolving technology in Publishing and have been releasing their works for multiple eBook reader around the globe.

Find out more about Cillian Press HERE. Find out more about Persephone HERE. Find out more about Notting Hill Editions HERE. They are the most succesful independant publishers that have been established in the last 30 years without funds. Executive Director Tom Chalmers has received several accolades in recent years and has led the Legend Times Group to a pivotal role in the publishing sector since the founding of Legend Press at the tender age of only 25.

Find out more about the legend HERE. The Influx Press was established in 2011 and is located in Hackney. This is an important site for this publishing house because it concentrates on site-specific books that are tightly connected to certain places. Find out more about Influx Press HERE. The company was established in 2010 and works through a subscriptions system.

Find out more about And Other Stories HERE. Fledgling, located in Edinburgh, was established to bring new creators to the readership quickly and effectively in various sizes. Find out more about Fledgling Press HERE. He has won countless awards and has published poems in a number of publications.

In fact, Bloodaxe has contributed to building a richness of UK literary talents, with a thousand works by three hundred authors in his backcatalog. Find out more about Bloodaxe Journals HERE. Headquartered in London, the company began organising shows and performance before starting to publish poems in 2006. You are proud to believe in the powers of speech to question the opinion that has been adopted and to produce publication for those who are not afraid to take chances.

Find out more about ?Penned in the Margins HERE. The Ghana-based publishing house Nana Ayebia established Ayebia in 2003. The goal is to produce a collection of new insight into the lives, cultures and literatures of Africa and the Caribe. Ayebia, like most thrilling, independents publishers, tries to give different talents a say and to illuminate and inspire the reader by looking at the book from a different view.

Find out more about Ayebia HERE. Headquartered in South Wales, Seren is normally regarded as the premier independant publishing house in Wales. In fact, it is the embodiment of an independant installer sitting in an loft behind a Bridgend chocolate factory. Find out more about sera HERE. Honest was established in 2010 by three good old-fives, and has published both literature and non-fiction.

Find out more about Honest Publishing HERE. Strange Attractor, as the name implies, has evolved its basis among the less populated aesthetic and less common aspects of culture that are often ignored by the majorstream. It is the right publishing house if you want something about eccult, psychodelic experience or the psychic. Find out more about Strange Attractor HERE.

One of the most interesting and groundbreaking theatre publishers ever. Find out more about Oberon Books HERE.

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