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Tell them you want to send it to their editors. We have tons of great books about writing and telling stories. You will send it to another publisher after one month. I'm sending it to a publisher. So I suggest you go to a bookstore or library and look at the kind of books you like to read.

Is it possible to send a book directly to a publishing house? - Artique- Researching Publishers - Traditional Publishing

You' ve been writing a textbook and are perhaps asking yourself if you can send it directly to the publishers instead of going the agent's way. It is good to know that it is possible to send your work directly to some publishers, but there are skills. Smaller publishers are the only ones who are willing to submit entries directly. When a big step forward is not important to you and you don't want to spent the year or more, an agency may want to get in touch with you and take your work to a publisher, then mailing directly to smaller publishers is a good choice for you.

First thing you want to do is identifying medium to small publishers. Before submitting your work, you must research the publishers' policies. A paid website where publishers can research is We also have a data base to help you find publishers.

As soon as you have found publishers who submit complete novels, you should strictly adhere to their policies. And if you have a question, try Absolute Write Forums, a global fellowship of authors that is a good place to ask about publishers. At the end always send to a specific publisher and be sure that your textbook is suitable for the publisher.

And what if you want to send them to the "big six" publishers? The publishers are banned from submitting entries directly. and the only way to send your books to these homes is by request. Bringing your books to the editor of a major publishers is best done through an agen.

From time to time authors can contact the "Big Six" editorial staff by charging a meeting fees to have an editorial staff view an example. You can also have a contribution to a Big Six publisher published by means of your own person. But even in such a situation, an interviewer will ask the writer to find an agency before concluding a publisher's work.

This is because the "Big Six" do not take on unasked scripts. Each year, these institutions would get ten thousand entries if they opened the door to unasked for papers. Our sales representatives are seasoned publishers. Well, you've done your research and you're willing to send your work.

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