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If you are an eBook publisher, we can show you how to publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook and more. eBook and audio book publishers can work with EBSCO and make their e-books available to thousands of academic, public and other libraries worldwide. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of ebook publishing and the ebook format. Discover our current offers below, and come back often - there are new offers every day.

The feminist counter-narratives of young adult literature by women in colour.

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Want to appeal to millions in more than 190 nations? We use two different ways of getting your e-book catalogue into our eBookstore and into the hand of our clients, dependent on your technological possibilities and your online product range. What is the eBooks download link? Before you can post contents, you must register for a KWL user profile.

What is an eBook pub? ePubs are the industrial benchmark for eBooks. ePubs are reflow capable so that they can be spread across a variety of different streams and device without loosing anything. This way, your eBooks work on a smart phone, desk or other open eReader, making it easy to make sales through your own website.

For eBooks, meta data relates to the information collected about your eBook (e.g. cover, IISBN, writer, publishers, BISAC code, languages, territorial permissions, etc.) and is transferred via an ONIX document. A ISBN is a number that is used to identify a book within the selling chain; eISBNs are specifically for eBooks.

Just as hardcovers have their own ISBN as their own papermaking equivalents, online versions also demand clear names for products. To find the International ISBN Agencies in your area, you can contact the International ISBN Agencies. KWL does not need an ISBN for the contents loaded via this services.

Your eBooks can be made available in all our partners and their sites, subject to the local laws of your area. Is it possible to secure my contents?

Publish: How eBooks are created and shared

  • Your eBook is produced by you - By following the authoring rules of your Editorial Project Manager, you will help our editorial staff better comprehend how your eBook should look in all types of format, whether printed or electroni-cal. - The myths about manufacturing expenses - Even if you may think that the manufacturing and distribution of an eBook is cheaper, this is not necessarily the case, as the manufacturing and distribution expenses are very low in comparison to the prepress expenses, such as editing, proof-reading, composition and indexation.

Converting, distributing and hostning your data electronically is not fully automated and requires a lot of effort in terms of cost and effort. - Preparation of your manuscripts for online delivery - This phase begins as soon as you have submitted your definitive work. Copyeditoren edit your Manusript not only, but mark it also with the help of HTML, in order to prepared it for the transformation into different electronical data format.

We' re working with our publishers to make sure your script gets the right kind of translation and guarantee that all eBook sites can view the eBook to enhance the reading experiences. Some of these are:: We' re continually extending our eBook offering to provide our clients with quality information wherever they look for answers to their issues.

We have new platform and eBook vendors that go live every year as the sector expands and becomes consolidated. On a regular basis we are piloting new platform and are constantly researching new possibilities. As not all of our accounts are suitable for all clients, we have categorised the top portals we work with by client category (institutional and consumer).

We work with many eBook sites not mentioned below, which include a number of different regional eBook distribution companies. How long before eBooks are available for clients? - eBooks are usually available within one weeks of going to press. - Different distributions have different revenue plans and different specs. Also, if we alert sites before each eBook is published and hand out eBooks as soon as they are published, they may not be available immediately because each site works differently.

  • Not all our affiliate sites take your eBooks. In some cases, they are more discriminating than others to satisfy the needs of their respective clients. While we cannot check who is accepting our eBooks, we encourage our publishers when the public of a particular publication intersects with our client population. DRM (Digital rights management) are technology used to monitor the use of electronic contents and equipment after the sales.

While some of our platforms use DRM, others use electronic watermarking. Talking about eBooks would not be full without tackling the problem of copyright infringement, a long-standing issue in the publishers' business before the computer allowed for quick and simple illicit dissemination of work. - We work with other publishers, Google and attribute Guardian, a pirating discovery and validation tool that detects and verifies bootlegged contents on cyber-blockers, peer-to-peer (P2P) networking and other offensive websites.

Hopefully you found this eBook summary useful and we would be happy to discuss eBooks with you at any time!

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