Publishers looking for Illustrators

Editors looking for illustrators

Publishing Illustrations Portfolio. We are looking for dynamic and motivated illustrators for our growing team of artists. An illustration customer support page, including self-published authors looking for an illustrator for their children's book or other project. Included in PDFolio should be: only professional illustrations based on the types of books we publish.

Illustrator Jobs, Employment

Profound experience with graphic applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Offers layout for programmes, tutorials, books, booklets, animations, videos..... Customize and personalize 100- to 500-page book designs. Generate print book and e-book layout and publishing collateral........ Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, especially InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and PPT. Build all PR-asset, build stories and images for your press.....

Adobe Creative Suite users with a focus on InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Samples for the creation of physics based mediums, e.g. screen designs,..... Understand the Adobe Creative Suite (especially InDesign, Photoshop and..... Knowledge of Microsoft Office is necessary, Adobe CC a plus (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)....... Working in the field of presentations, which includes, but is not restricted to, the creation of pitches and material, the creation, processing and correction of several documents.....

Self-employed Illustrator Freelance editor ONTARIO

We are looking for vibrant and highly committed illustrators for our expanding artisans. He is in charge of taking over a number of books to complete the inside illustration. It is not necessarily a matter of looking for a graduate in this area, but for people with outstanding art skills.

Adhere to the editor's story line and fundamental rules regarding the illustration to be anticipated. Make proof sheets and outlines available to the publishing house before you finish the last work. Daily communications with the publishing house to make sure the completion of the projects is on time. Creation of full-page and small illustration; media to be agreed with the publishing house.

Transport to and from the publishing house. We' re looking for the right people. You should please review and adhere to ALL policies, as those who do not abide by them may not be read: Add 3-5 examples of your artworks and/or web sites or on-line portfolios of work. Have a look at some of our past works and see if our styles match your skills.

We' re always looking for new talents for our staff. If you hear from us, please be prepared; even if we like your work of art, we may not currently have an illustrative publication that fits your own personal styles.

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