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A searchable directory of book and magazine publishers. Browse or search book publishers by genre or location, competitions and awards, and book and writing events. List of publishers & guide in Bonaire. An index of American and Canadian publishers. Refer to the Gale Directory Library for access to the Publishers Directory.

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Listing of over 20,000 publishers, agencies and services from all over the globe. Locate publishers and services by countries and categories: They can use the directory to find publishers by county or town, by the languages in which they are publishing, by the topics they are publishing on, and also by the medium in which they are publishing.

Here you will also find a list of firms providing translation and interpreting and interpreting as well as translation work.

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This award is given to outstanding writers in the non-fiction book sector who have written articles such as individual or editorial essay, historical..... Romanticism, enigma, science fiction, fantasy and young adults. Juanita Brooks Award is given to the best single publication published by the Mormon Studies Department of the Press on Mormonism.....

Finch Memoirs Award is an award for publishing previously unreleased memoirs of 40,000 to 80,000 words per year. And the $10,000 cash for the..... Bailey's Women's Award for Fiction was created to promote the excellency, uniqueness and access of woman around the globe..... Founded in 1985, the BC Book Awards recognize the accomplishments of British Columbia's authors and publishers.

Prices are for literature, non-fiction and..... Schneider FamilyBooksAwards are intended to reward writers or illustrations for the presentation of stories with personalities with particular needs.... Literature can be entered by the writer, publishing house or the Bi Writers Association (BWA). But anyone can suggest a work we can share.

The Chanticleer Book Reviews is looking for the best book with tales in all forms and dimensions that will appeal to an audiences aged around..... Each year the Killer Nashville Claymore Award supports new and renamed English-speaking literary writers, even if they..... Maine Literary Awards 2018 are open to all Maine inhabitants, even those who live in the season.

The nominees for the Book Awards, the.....

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