Publishers Accepting Manuscripts

Editors who accept manuscripts

A publisher of hardcover, gift books, cookbooks and craft books. Well-established and respected children's book publisher Holiday House. "The Big Five" imprints accept unsolicited manuscripts from Authors Publish.

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Have you got a book-length script you can send in? Remember to send it to one (or many) of these nine great printing machines that accepts unwanted manuscripts.

It is a recognized print of Catapult, an independant publishing house that also provides on-line and personal courses in typing and promotes new and aspiring authors. The Black Balloon is looking for a fictional and storytelling article with an original way of creating and a singular part. She has been a été publié dans The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorkerem, The New Yorker, The Oprah Magazine, Esquire, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, The Atlantic et All Things Cidered.

Submittable manuscripts are accepted twice a year. It is a small newspaper that produces literature fiction, feature-length collection of stories, poems, creative non-fiction, full-book articles and feature articles, and memoirs. They' re releasing Gabe Habash, Hernan Diaz, Eimear McBride and others. The celebrated tabloid has released extraordinary authors such as Masande Ntshanga, Sarah Gerard, Shane Jones and others.

She has been recognised by the National Book Foundation, selected by the New York Times Book Review as "Editor's Choice" and featured in several other best ofists. The renowned publisher's research projects are looking for literature and non-fiction works by females. Authors such as Renee Gladman, Joanna Ruocco and Marianne Fritz have appeared.

Every autumn they release two volumes at the same time. A small print media focused on the publication of literature, new and up-and-coming authors of literature, as well as writing and writing reviews. At present, works of literature critics as well as novel works are advertised. Shortflight/Long Drive Boks is currently accepting applications. You are looking for volumes of poems, anthologies of shortsh stories, non-fiction, novel, stories and essays.

Pank, initially a literature magazine established by M. Bartley Seigel and Roxane Gay, will publish full-length literature for the first in 2018. We are looking for poems, fiction, stories and cross-genre works. Dzanc is the Dzancooks Prize for Fiction in recognition of courageous, inventive and groundbreaking authoring with an advanced payment of $10,000 and the release of a work.

They' ve written for authors such as Yannick Murphy, Suzanne Burns, Roy Kesey and others.

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