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But when you open an existing Web publication, a Web tab appears in the ribbon that gives you access to Web tools to update the existing Web publication. Creating a website with Microsoft Publisher. Use these steps to create a simple website.

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In Microsoft Publisher 2010, the possibility to generate new web releases has been deleted..... But when you open an already published web page, a web page is displayed in the web page that gives you web tool to update the current web page. Website preview, website navigation, code and settings.

When you click the Web Page Preview Web Page Preview Web Page Preview icon, your publishing will be loaded into your standard Web navigator so that you can maintain the appearance and function of the page. There are four utilities in this group for building navigational items in your web page. You can use this utility to link a text or picture in your publications to another web page or website.

Then click on Hypertext. From the Insert Hypertext Box, select the Address box for the web page you want to reference. You can use this utility to generate a hypertext from a section of your paper. Press the Help icon. Dragging the drawing pointer to the hotspot area.

From the Paste Hyperlink dialogue box, select the Address box for the web page you want to reference. You can use the Navigate toolbar to add an area for linking to other pages on your site. To do this, click Navigate. Select one of the modules in the menu and click Paste.

Dragging the navigator to place it on your page. You can use the Hot Spot or Link utility to generate the navigational hypers. You can use the Bookmark utility to generate a graphical item about your page that you can use as a destination for a link. In this way, you can link to certain parts of a page rather than the whole page.

You can use the Hyperlink utility to make a hyperlink to the selected page by clicking Place in this doc. and then choosing the name of the page. You can use the CGI Codes group to open predefined forms such as text fields and submission icons, as well as an HTML executable for the Web page.

You can use this pull-down list to add the following items to your publication: Options key - Use a group of options keys to display several options. Only one radio-box ("Selection") can be selected within the group. More than one group of radio button per page or per forms.

Use the same name for each radio buttons in the group to build a group. You have to insert a submission instruction on each of the forms. Clicking this icon allows users to fill in their forms. Click to change the name of the icon. With your own HTML codefragment you can easily attach to your website items like meters and roll-tents or script like VBScript.

Codefragments are also available on the Internet and from other resources, but you should be cognizant of the vulnerabilities described in the safety notice below when using codes from other sourcens. Safety note: Using an HTML snippet from an unfamiliar resource can lead to issues with your site's system health or safety.

The publisher does not verify HTML coding for correctness and safety. When you copy and paste an HTML that is not your own, make sure it comes from a trustworthy resource. The Web Page Options dialogue opens.

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