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The free trial requires that you remain signed in to your Microsoft account. It is not a standalone product. Only Publishers where can I download? Produce professional publications and marketing materials.

2010 Microsoft Publisher - 60-day trial links - Forums

2010 Microsoft Publisher? We have marked this entry and it will be checked by our team. Sorry, there was a bug in selecting this message. I' d like a free trial version. Hi my name is Mawuna Harris and I ask for this free test. My computer has not been shutting down correctly since I upgraded to Windows 10.

I' m using the Off key and the display is empty, but the system is not shutting down completely. Only way to make it stop is to keep the battery powered down until it turns off.

Use Publisher Trial Version

If I know in the past when you were downloading a trial version of the publisher from an authorised website, you were also sent a promotional email with a cipher. They needed the license for the trial version to be installed and activated. A trial version of Publisher 2010 or older is no longer available.

I can' t find a trial copy of Publisher for 2013. You may need to downlaod the whole Microsoft Word environment and just reinstall Publisher with a customized installation, if that's all you want to try. I' m not sure if MS intends to make the single applications available for testing.

MS may make available trial versions in the near term, as they have done. You know, by the way, that Microsoft-Office 2013 only runs under Win7 and Win8? With the new retailer release you can only run the software on one computer and this is not transferrable. Microsoft wants everyone to abandon XP and push everyone into the MS Exchange 365 subscriptions bus.

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Sorry, this threads is blocked. While you can endorse the poll or consider it useful, you cannot respond to this post. No stand-alone publisher trial version is available. What is your satisfaction with this answer? Thank you for your comments, it will help us to make the site better. What is your satisfaction with this answer?

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