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Converting publishers to PDF (Microsoft Publisher presentation to PDF) Office Publisher is a desk-top authoring tool that lets you create and publish your documents for the web or for printing. When you' re done with your design, you'll probably need to submit it for peer-reviewing, sharing with your staff, or sending it in for printing. Publisher .

and these can only be opened if the receiver also has Publisher software on, a issue that can be solved simply by conversion of the publications to PDF. PDF file-sharing is easier because the receiver does not need to have Publisher software to open the PDF.

It' also multi-platform, the same PDF can be opened on both Windows and Mac-based systems), and by conversion the initial layout of the publishing stays unchanged (fonts can be embeded in the PDF). Additional benefits over PUB: You can request a PDF to open it, protect it from modification, prohibit print (or just high-resolution printing) or copy and paste from it.

Use the Publisher plug-in or the PDF printer to create a PDF file from your publications. One of the great advantages of using the add-in for print is that even concealed hypertext from your publications is automatically translated into the resulting PDF. You can also use the Microsoft Office Link Manager, which can be accessed from the Preferences > Left panel.

In Microsoft Office Publisher, open the publishing. Click on "Save as PDF" and choose in the dialogue "Save PDF as" where you want to store your PDF-files. How to turn your Microsoft Office Publisher documents into a PDF format (Publisher 2013 and 2010): Go to Microsoft Office Publisher and go to the menu item labeled Open -> Open (or by pressing Ctrl+O), search for the desired Publisher and open it.

This section also allows you to make adjustments to the printer parameters (source, dimensions and orientation) and previews of the print out. Select Print and select a place to save the PDF to. Once the PDF has been generated, it is opened in the standard PDF Explorer window immediately. Tutorial videos for converting PDF documents from Office Publisher (2007 and 2010):

The Publisher has an optional feature that allows you to print a publishing multiple copies on a page (this is only available if it is a visiting cards, postcards or index cards). Have the same publications reprinted several copies in a PDF file: Select the publishing you want to convert to a PDF document.

Press Print and choose a storage place for the PDF.

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