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Please call the publisher and ask for the person making the "special sale". Can I buy a book directly from the publisher? Please call the publisher and ask for the name of the individual making the "special sale". For example, to give a copy to each of your staff or to give a copy to each participant in a meeting you are organising.

Well, then you' re negotiating the rebate. When you plan to buy a few hundred specimens, you should be able to get a serious rebate of almost 50%. When you buy a few thousand issues, the publisher may print the cover just for you, and you should be able to get a rebate equivalent to the 60% or more a publishing house would get if it ordered before the print of the catalog.

Visit the publisher's website. Maintain the publication and give 100% to those in charge of it. To our writers, we charge twice as much if we are selling our work directly to the reader of our website. They pretended it was a big change in the publishing business. You can buy directly from most of them.

There are two ways to buy at a discount: It' an exhilarating undertaking where you have the option to fill out the hard copies to set up a corporation, purchase a Resellers licence, sign up your corporation and pay a heap of cash just to get to the point where you have the option of buying reselling at a significant rebate.

A lot of publishing houses have websites where you can shop directly from them. Except when you buy in large quantities for sale, there is virtually no need to buy directly from publishing houses. Verify that the publisher has an on-line shop on its website. Except they are selling them over the Internet directly from their web, you can not.

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