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Do you need help? Products & Services - My Account - Templates - Help - Contact. If I go to New, I want to search for online templates, but the option is grayed out and I can't figure out why. Can you search for online templates with other Office applications (Excel or PowerPoint)? No further instruction is required if you are familiar with Microsoft Publisher.

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You can use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any of the other Office applications. Microsofts Office Templates Categories: abstracts| academic| animals| more.... Events| Marketing Things | Property Things | More.... Commercial invitations  | Events invitation | Party invitation | More.... In case the templates do not exactly meet your needs, you should be able to adapt them with a few easy changes.

Microsoft Office templates are added on a regular basis, so there's always a new theme to try.

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Hello everyone, I am using Word from Office 2013. If I go to New, I want to look for online templates, but the options are greyed out and I can't figure out why. I' m definitely online because I write you this news and I have all available Windows up-dates.

While you can endorse the poll or consider it useful, you cannot respond to this post. Opening an MS Word document, further to..... Ensure that the "Allow connection to the Internet" checkbox is selected. What is your satisfaction with this answer? What is your satisfaction with this answer? Can you use other Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint software to find online templates?

Stage 1: Reboot your computer and then try to fix the Microsoft Windows installer. For more information on the repairs of Microsoft® Office 2013, please visit the following page. Stage 2: Run the Fix it from the following item to clear all tracks of the new Microsoft Excel workstation. Reinstall and validate the results of your reinstallation of Microsoft Office 2013 once the patch is complete.

I will be glad to help you if you don't. What is your satisfaction with this answer? What is your satisfaction with this answer?

Starting over with templates

You can find all our new templates in the Featured section. Templates shown here are updated with the season so you can quickly find our newest and best. When you don't see something you like, or if you want to find a nice look you've seen before, you can use the lookup field at the top of the page to find more interesting online templates.

When you find a design you like, you can click on it to see a bigger thumbnail before you decide to go ahead and start the downloading. Or you can immediately start downloading it by double-clicking directly on the pattern. As in the old publisher, you can still store your own publication as a reference.

When you have created a customized preset, you can preview it along with our new online templates when you launch Publisher. As a standard we store your templates under C:Users[your user name]DocumentsCustom Office Templates. If you want to modify the storage locations for your templates, click the File tab, click the Options tab, and select a different storage locations for your customized templates in the Store section.

Are you looking for a popular built-in pattern from the old publisher? All of them are still available in the "Built-in" section under "Start" or "New Places".

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