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There are 4 alternative ways to use Microsoft Publisher When it comes to producing booklets and other print publications, Microsoft Publisher is often the first choice. When you find the publishing of print products with Publisher a little too complicated, there are options that could make the publishing experience a little bit simpler. There are four great ways to make a change from Microsoft Publisher.

The PagePlus Starter Edition is a free product that lets you produce creative promotional material such as stationery, leaflets, booklets, flyers, newsletter and visiting-card, to name but a few. PagePlus is quite intuitively designed for novices with a convenient pop-up that lets you select what you want to do. When you don't want to begin from zero, or when you need some idea to make your creative flow, the program comes with a good selection of ready-made masters.

Better still, PagePlus provides a simple and easy way to move quickly through different contents during the build proces. PagePlus Starter Edition is free when you register on the Serif website. Once registered, you will receive a copy of the software license code by e-mail, but please note that not all paid functions are available.

When you are looking for an open code replacement for Microsoft Publisher, it is a good choice. The free, cross-platform desktops and publishers make it easy for those who like to switch between different machines and workstations. Previously known as OpenOffice. org, Apache OpenOffice is another open code alternate to Publisher.

OpenOffice includes five instead of one program to help you build your creation. Generate text document contents, with the presentations application, or with the art program. OpenOffice is a great way for those who like diversity to discover how more than one application within an Microsoft Outlook environment can produce customized contents to your exact requirements.

When you need all the options you know and one of the most advanced editing tool, Adobe InDesign is undoubtedly the program for you. The software includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions and documentations as well as excellent integrations with other Adobe software solutions. InDesign has a similar user experience and should be relatively simple to use if you are comfortable with other Adobe applications.

However, if you are using an Adobe software for the first case, InDesign may have a rather sharp learn curve. However, if you are using an Adobe software for the first case, InDesign may have a rather sharp draw. However, because it is part of Adobe's Creative Cloud Suites, this advanced application comes with a paid per month subscriptions charge.

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