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Download a free trial You can use the free trial to get access to all Office features for a full month. Place the power of the largest independent publishing community in your hands. Get your free three-month IBPA membership today.

Free trial download

Free 30-day trial download! Take a look at our sample designs to get great designs for creating and publishing your online publication. Hydrodynamic Fluid Dynamics (IHDP) is simple to use and very user-friendly. Watch our "How to" video to find out more about IDP. Check different editions of our products and find out more about prices.

Picture processing and composite.

Picture manipulation and composite. Digitally manipulate and process pictures. Easily manipulate, organise, store easily and easily exchange your pictures from anywhere. Graphic and illustrations. Site styling, lay-out and publication. Locate high-quality pictures, artwork, videos, 3-D artwork, designs, and more. Drafting, prototyping and exchange of users' experience. Videoproduction and adaption. Movie-video visuals and animated graphics. Cinematics.

Produce realistic 3-D imagery for your brand, products and packaging designs. Web sites, application development and programming.

Introduction to Twixl Publisher 6

We' ve just published Twixl Publisher 6. You can use the web browsing application to deliver the entire article-based application experiences in web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox,...), thus deploying a third publication plattform alongside iOS and Android. Easily build your contents once and share them in one step in your local applications and on your website.

You can use the web browsing agent to take the entire article-based application to the web: So what else is new in Twixl Publisher 6? Enhanced supporting features (linking a supporting ticket) in Twixl Viewer Classic and Twixl Apache.

IBPA test membership free of charge for IngramSpark customers

Wellcome IngramSpark clients! Place the powers of the biggest independend publisher group in your own hand. Get your free three-month subscription to IPA now. Founded in 1983, the Independant Books Publishers Association (IBPA) connects independents with the broader publisher sector and gives them a vote for their cause. Today, more than 3,000 U.S. based freelance accountants have recognized the value of IPA.

With this temporary campaign we are offering IngramSpark clients a free three-month trial period. Throughout your free three-month trial period you will get the following: and more! Test memberships are only open to new members and can only be used once. As the trial runs out, we are hoping that you will update to actively keep your advantages!

Take your three-month free trial now to see why IBPA is the industry leader for independent publishing. Please click on "Register here" below and use the IngramSpark IBPA key to enable your promotion.

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