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The WebCenter can be used to compile and edit packaging content online with CHILI Publisher. Extremly hot: the new Chili Publisher 5.0 online editor

The Chili Publisher 0 is more extensive than the predecessor releases and packed with interesting functions. But, is the fifth release of this utility really ready for the hard-fought web-to-print world? We are interested in the advantages of this editor compared to those of its competitors, some of which also know and offer the advantages of cross-media and pre-configurable layouts.

With a yearly increase of around 20 percent, the Belgium based publisher Chili Publish chose to release the fifth release of its highly acclaimed editor, Chili Publisher 5.0. He is another contender with the ability to influence the web-to-print industry with his software/hardware-solutions.

I' ve already posted about this online editor in my own diary - now I would like to give you a more in-depth look at the possibilities of the latest version of the editor, already released in March. Obility's e-business printing solutions and Agfa Apogee StoreFront, a cloud-based web-to-print system, have already integrated the legacy releases of the extensive web-to-print environmental editor.

A wide variety of customisable and easy-to-use browser-based processing features - both for Flash and HTML5 - allowed these organizations to offer their clients branches (some in OEM versions) with a powerful editor. Besides the comprehensive functionality of the editor, most corporate clients saw the possibility of implementing their trademark policies directly in the editor.

The visualization of complicated rendering with Flash and HTML5 was already possible in these previous releases; it was also possible to design and create HTML and EPUB file types to create different printed materials, e.g. mailings or banner ads. The specifications ensure good legibility: the ability to import/ export various sources such as InDesign, XLM or PDF; full HTML5 capabilities; an open and at the same times extensive interface that also enables integration into already established web sites with the help of whenrames and the creation of high-quality PDF, InDesign data, XLM, HTML, DigiGraphic and EPUBs.

The online processing suite of chilli provides several ways to change the smallest detail of a game. CHILLI provides its pure editorial solutions for integration in printing plants - and more generally in the context of already established work flows - which are tailor-made to the user's functional and functionalities. And, of course, the various web browsers can be made available for processing (user-specific and authorization-compliant) - the scaleable structure provides flexible integration and publication possibilities; this also simplifies adaptation to the company's brand.

It also made good business sense to further improve the 3-D rendered image in the Chili Viewer - all these characteristics are conceived in such a way that they comply with the customer's trademark and CI-directives. Even more interesting, however, is the key functionality Chili has added to its new tool: the new graphical design environment, extra visuals previously limited to InDesign, and the ability to edit and edit Asiatic language pack.

A new user interface allows you to use the editor on any machine by supporting HTML5 cannvas. This means that processing without a desk top is possible on any portable unit, with or without a touch screen, on a small or largeisplay. With regard to effect, the Dropshadow and Inside Shadows as well as polishing and embossing features for borders and text have been added to Publisher.

Zero for the editors and offers further expansion possibilities to corporate clients.

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