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You can use layout guides in a publisher publication to organize text, images, and other objects into columns and rows for a professional look. Describes how to create BI Publisher (.xpt) layout templates using the layout editor.

Now back to the basics: World Publisher & Quick Actions

Back to Basics is a set of themes that will help you get up and running on your mission, but also provide a great way to remind experienced people who want to reuse Salesforce's key features. I was writing last weeks about combining account and contact information. We are talking about Global Publisher & Quick Actions this time.

First, why should you set up overall promotions for your user? Globe promotions are displayed on globe pages such as the home page, reports, dashboards, and the "Chatter" page, and these promotions allow your employees to quickly and easily work with their mates. In the picture below you can see the following actions: Post, File, Link, Thanks, Question and New Note.

In order to be able to add global actions to your organization, your Salesforce administrator must either modify the current Global Publisher layout or recreate it. Tip: As with many Salesforce features, you can design more than one layout and map them to different workspaces. I click on Quick Actions[1] from the pallet and pull Poll from the pallet into the Global Publisher area.

I' d like the survey to take place between link and thank you[2]. For example, if they are now on one of the global pages - the home page - they will now see the survey action[Note: According to the order of your global operations, your people may need to click More to see all the operations available to them].

The Salesforce Admin's are able to build new global actions and apply them to Global Publisher layouts. Go to Setup / Apply / Global Actions / Global Actions and allocate your new one. You can also generate Quick Actions for particular items in BSP.

With Quick Action, you can save your user money by reducing the number of hits and the number of boxes. It will also help increase user acceptance of Salesforce because, as we know, the more Salesforce is used, the simpler it is to use! Salesforce Desktops have promotions, which are particularly useful in Salesforce1 because they make it much simpler to build data sets with a single, mobile-optimized user experience.

Being a Salesforce administrator, I want to enable end users to build a job from a set of leads so they can allocate a job to a co-worker in the leads management organization to make sure the leads are followed up. I go to Setup / Build / Customize / Leads / Buttons, Links and Action and click on New Action.

On the Action Type field[1], I choose Enter a Recording and choose Task as target object[2]. As soon as I have this new action, I have to insert it into the page layout[Setup / Build / Customize / Leads / Page Layouts] and click Edit next to the corresponding page layout.

On the Quick Actions pane in the pallet, I pull Task between Log Action and Log Call in the Publisher pane[1]. The Publisher bar[1] displays the task quick action when a user with this page layout switches to a single item.

Like I said, you can create promotions for Salesforce1. Salesforce1 displays promotions in the toolbar, the associated pull-down menus, and as listing element promotions.

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