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Guide for Publishers

To maximize revenue, our platform offers publishers various ways to link to advertisers' products and offerings. Safe-for-Ads content guidelines. A guide for Publisher Branded Content Studios. Would you like to be published? CHORUS Publisher Implementation Guide is now available for download.

Intro Publisher 2013

New to Publisher 2013, this free guide provides useful hints to help you find your way around. Under Windows 8, the manual opens directly in the Windows 8 Reader Application, where you can look at it, printout it and store it for later use.

Under Windows 7 or a previous OS, you must have the free Adobe Reader application downloaded and installed before you can display this guide. However, if you have already done so and have problems viewing the guide in your web browsing software, try to do so instead: Right click the Quick Start Guide file downloaded above, and then click Remember what you saved as (in some webbrowsers this may be referred to as the Remember Me As link).

Download the PDF to your computer and open it in your PDF viewer.

Structuring of the site with the help of layouts guide

You can use layouts to organise text, images, and other items into lines and pillars to give your publications an ordered, coherent look. Which are the layouts guide? Which are the layouts guide? You can use layouts to keep things such as images, text fields, and spreadsheets aligned. If activated, the layouts guide will give you visual instructions for aligning items on the page.

Forms, images, text fields, spreadsheets, WordArt, and grouped items can be aligned by their borders or center lines. You can also use their grid lines to orient charts. By dragging an item over a design guide or resizing it, the borders, center lines, and grid lines (in the case of tables) hang briefly on the guide and give you a hint about the position of the guide.

You can use the Edge, Columns, Rows, and Baselines Guide. Using layouts, you can generate a raster on a parent page. You will see this raster on every page of your publications where this page is used. For more information about guide rails, see the Show or Collapse Guide articles.

Select Page Design > Guides > Grid and Baseline Guides. On the Margin Guides page, click the Margin Guides button. In the Margin Guides section, specify the desired margin location in the Inside, Outside, Top, and Bottom fields. Select Page Design > Guides > Grid and Baseline Guides. Select the Gridlines page.

In Column guides, specify the number of required column in the field COLUMN and then the required distance between the column in the field Distance. In the Line Guides, type the desired number of lines in the Lines field, and then type the desired distance between the lines in the Interval field.

Generate text fields for the Columns by choosing Insert > Draw Text Field and then draging within the column specified by the design guidelines. Base line guidelines help you to orient text that is not associated between several text fields in a column. To turn text orientation on or off, select or clear the Aim text to baselines option (Home > Paragraph Settings > Indent and Distance).

Choose Page Design > Guidelines > Grid and Base Line Tables. Choose the Base Line Guidelines page. In the Horizontal Base Line field, in the Distance field, type the desired distance between the base lines. Click Views to display the base line instructions in your publications, and then click the Base lines checkbox to show them. Use the Offset field to specify the desired distance between the first base line guide and the top edge.

Notice: The offsets are taken from the upper edge, not from the upper edge of the text field.

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