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Download Microsoft Publisher 2010 Trial Version Microsoft Publisher 2010 supports you in the creation, personalization and distribution of a broad spectrum of specialist publishing and promotional material. Publish your messages in a multitude of different ways and save your valuable resources. So whether you produce booklets, newsletter, postcards, greetings or e-mail newsletter, you can produce high-quality results without any graphics-designing expertise.

With Publisher 2010, you get the functionality you need to concentrate on doing your best work. View the built-in styles with your trademark items and select fonts and color themes. Check your publications for errors in your designs and layouts before you print or distribute them. With Publisher 2010, you look like a photography professional.

Including or replacing photographs while maintaining the look and feel of your publications or templates. Adjust color and lightness, select from a collection of caption styles, or modify the shape of your photographs, all from within the Publisher. With the new subject orientation technique and new guidelines in Publisher 2010, it is simpler than ever to adapt new subjects, pictures or text fields to fit already present subjects in a publishing or templates.

Visually, the lay-out guide quickly suggests the position of the new item before you place it, leaving the ultimate positioning up to you. Publisher 2010 lets you see exactly how your work will look in the press. Customize your printing preferences while previewing a large version of your publications - no need to toggle between different view or screen to see the effects of your changes.

The Microsoft Office Backstage screen makes it easy to store, approve, print, approve, and post your document in just a few simple steps. Plus, the new visually navigated feature provides a miniature of each page of your publications so you can quickly move from page to page or even move miniatures to rearrange pages.

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