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Site layout software for your PC. Because it is one of the many programs that come with Microsoft Office, there is a good chance that you already have Publisher installed on your computer. You can send us the manuscript with a recommendation from another publisher.

Browsing preferences for Firefox 22.0 and lower for PC - Publisher Help Center

LinkShare is supported by Firefox 22.0 and lower, but we suggest that Publisher use IE 9 when they access your accounts. You may need to change your browsing preferences if you are using Firefox and have trouble signing in to LinkShare at Rothende. When you have registration problems:

If " Accept cookies from websites " is not activated, click on the button marked with " exeptions; in the " website address " box insert; and activate "Allow ". If" Accept cookies from sites" is enabled, click on the button Exclusions and make sure that is not among the banned websites.

When it is locked, choose it and activate "Allow" if you have login problems: Customize extended settings: Under" Protocols" activate" Use SSL 3.0" and" Use TLS 1.0". Now you can use your LinkShare accounts.


Due to the great interest in our publisher, we are currently unable to view scripts for release. In case you have a reference from another publisher, you can submit the book with the reference. Within one to threeweek you will then get a publisher's agreement for your permission.

Our publications are free of cost and our writers get the following advantages: among others: Individuals, bookshops and wholesale dealers can order directly from the publisher by telephone, e-mail and post. Publishers provide jounalists with a text for the news. On request, the publisher will send reviews to the UK publications.

During the term of the agreement, the publisher may order any number of his works from the publisher. Some of our publishing houses provide us with good scripts which they themselves - after consulting the authors - cannot release. If you do not have a manuscript from another publisher, please do not submit it to us!

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