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60 largest book publishers in the world, 2013

In spite of concern about the consolidating publisher, the top 10 companies' revenues represented 55% of the revenues of the 50 listed in both 2012 and 2011, compared to 57% in 2011. This decrease is due to the growing number of developing country titles generating global revenues.

This applies in particular to the publishing houses in places 20 to 50; the overall revenue of these 30 enterprises represented 25% of the turnover in 2012, compared to 21% in 2011. This year, several new businesses were also included in the rankings, among them two publishing houses in China and one in Russia, which brings the number to 60.

Like in recent years, publishing houses specialising in scientific/technical/medical literature and magazines achieved the highest sales in 2012, followed by educational and retail sales. The biggest corporations seem to have little interest in expanding the areas in which they are publishing; each company chooses to concentrate on one area.

McGraw Hill Companies also opted that it would be better to focus on one area, outside it. McGraw-Hill Education was sold to a privately held group in early 2013 (the divestment took place prior to the publication of the 2012 results). While the ranks in 2012 are relatively steady in comparison to 2011, the results that began or speeded up in 2012 - the Penguin Random House fusion proclamation; the rise in online revenues outside the UK and the US, where economic slowdown, especially on the trading side, has been slowing down - will certainly confuse the lists even more in 2013.

Last year, the four biggest publishing houses of 2011 retained their position, which meant that Pearson retained its position as the world's biggest publishing house with sales of $9.16 billion in 2012. You can click on a company's name to see its name.

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