Publisher 2013

Editors 2013

Download Microsoft Publisher 2013, free and secure. The latest version of Microsoft Publisher 2013: Find out more about the new features in Publisher 2013. The Publisher enables small businesses to quickly create publications for printing or web sharing.

What is new in Publisher 2013?

With Microsoft Publisher 2013, you can work with your images so you can move them, share them, and visually pop them into your publication with new image and text publishing inks. The Publisher 2013 makes it easy to work with photo series. If you select several images at the same the publisher places them in a single category in the rubbing area.

You can move an image from the rubbing area to the publishing page and back again, or exchange one image for another if you don't like the look of a lay-out. If you want to switch two images, either on the side or with one in the rubbing area, choose one image and move it through the hill symbol to the other image until a rose colored spotlight is displayed around the image.

Let go of the mousebutton and the exchange is over. Their images form the backdrop for your publications pages. In your publishing, right-click an image, select Add to Wallpaper, and then click either Fill to enlarge the image and capture the whole wallpaper, or Tile to fill the wallpaper with your image tiling.

There are many new image enhancements in Publisher 2013 to add shadow, reflection, glow, smoothing, beveling, and 3D rotation to your images. On the Image Tools - Format page, click Image Enhancements. It is also possible to add new text rendering enhancements to your publications:

Choice of new shades, reflexions and chamfers. In the Text Box Tools - Format page, click Text Effects. Now you can store your print products specifically for your photoprint. Every page of your book is stored as a JPEG image that you can download to a Foto Centre website to print.

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