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Could someone give me a link to a 60-day trial of Microsoft Publisher 2010? Find out what you need to do to create a new publication in Publisher 2010. The new Office 2007 suites have now been corrected in Publisher 2010.

Editor 2010: Create a new publication

You learnt how to plan and design a book in the last unit. Now you are prepared to produce a new work. This unit teaches you how to make a new paper with a pattern or an empty page. You' ll also see how to customise your publishing by changing the page layouts, using a new theme, and add, delete and rearrange pages.

The Publisher provides tens of layouts for almost any kind of publishing you want to make, complete with booklets, newsletter and greetings-card. If you can't find a pattern, you can always customize it to your needs or even make a publishing from a empty page.

The Publisher's layouts and layouts help you to produce what you want. If you want to make a new publishing from a template: On the File page, go to the background screen and choose New. You will see the Available Documents area. Choose the kind of publishing you want to do.

You will see a choice of available documents in the Available Sites area. You will see a thumbnail of the chosen document in the thumbnail window on the right side. Check the document and change the document settings as required. If you are happy with the original, click Create. This is the new book.

Your artwork may provide more customisation possibilities than shown in the example above, based on the kind of publishing you are creating. When you don't want to use a pattern or can't find one that meets your needs, you can make an empty publishing. Keep in mind that when you are creating an empty publishing, you need to arrange page borders, insert guidelines, and make all your own layouts and designs.

If you want to make an empty paper, click the New page in the New page in the New page in the Backstage screen, and then choose an empty page in the Available templates area. Irrespective of whether you are creating a publishing from a reference or a page that is empty, you can modify the publishing layouts. There are three things you can change: borders, sizes and alignments.

While you can change these preferences at any given moment, you should be wary if your publications already contain items such as text, pictures and forms, as you will need to adapt them to the new look. In order to change the margins: From the Ribbon, choose the Page Design page and then find the Page Setup group.

Choose the edges you want. When you are not happy with any of the Border settings, choose Custom Borders.... to open the Layout Guides window. In order to resize the page: From the Ribbon, choose the Page Design page and then find the Page Setup group. Choose the page sizes from the drop-down menu that opens.

The page format of your publications is modified. When the page is not in the drop-down box, choose More preset page dimensions.... to display a bigger page resize table. For changing the page orientation: From the Ribbon, choose the Page Design page design page, find the Page Setup group, and then click the Alignment dropdown combo.

Choose Portrait to make your publishing larger than broad or horizontal to make it broader than high. The page direction of your publications will change. A change in page direction can have a detrimental effect on your presentations, based on the selected one. Items in this pattern do not match the alignment of the scenery.

You can modify a publishing from a pattern at any time if you subsequently choose a pattern that does not fully meet your needs. Correspondingly, you can add themes to your documents that were initially generated from empty pages. Applies a new submission to an already published publication: From the Ribbon, choose the Page Design page and then search for the Copy from group.

Use the Change Submission button. You access the Change Reference screen. Choose a preset to display it in the Prescan window. Change the templates as required. If you are happy with the new preset, click OK. You will be asked how you want to use the document.

Your new submission will be used for your paper. When you create a multipage newsletters or other types of publications, the Page Navigation section can be useful. In the page navigation area you can display and browse through the pages of your publications. Click the Views tabs on the ribbon to open the page navigation area, and then browse to the Display group.

Activate the Page navigation option. Right-click any page in the Page Navigation area and click Insert Page. You will see the Paste Page dialogue field. The pages are empty by Default, but you can also make pages that contain a text field or pages that are duplicate of an already there.

A page design option dialogue may appear when you create a new page, based on the page you use. From the Page Navigation area, find the page you want to move. Right-click the page you want to remove in the Page Navigation area, and then choose Remove from the displayed drop-down menu.

When the page is part of a double page, the publisher asks if you want to remove one or both pages. Publisher and generate a new publishing from a single document templates. Make sure to check the templates settings. Resize the page borders to make them broader. To see how it affects the look of your publications, adjust the page direction.

Adds a new page to your publications. Slide the page you just added so that it is the first page in your paper. Exit the publishing without storing it.

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