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SilverLinux 2010, 14.0, June 15, 2010, Standard, Professional, Professional Plus. Getting started in Publisher 2010 is easy with this free lesson. You will learn how to create and print publications.

Microsofts Publisher 2010 | Software Download

Whilst it is possible to use your text processing software to generate appealing newsletter and other design-oriented documentation, you need a desk-top publication pack if you really want to achieve business results. InDesign or Quark Xpress you can pay a small sum of money, you could try your hand at a freeie like Scribus, but if you want to combine usability with a good end result, Publisher is one of many games that are correspondingly expensive.

A of Publisher 2007's most frustrating releases was the raw user interfaces that appear in most other Office 2007 suite - this has now been corrected in Publisher 2010. In addition, there are a number of new features that support the page layout process: you can now directly manipulate images in the publisher itself and take full benefit of the new page element orientation technologies to keep your page element in order.

Included in Publisher 2010 is support for inserting prebuilt blogs from a wide range of resources, including side bars, storylines and calendar, all of which are easily updated. If you' re ready to publish, a full-page thumbnail is included when you start printing - all part of the new Office Backstage functionality to manage your contents from a one-stop shop.

There is even a design checker to ensure that your publications do not contain any fundamental bugs. Though it is designed for a home viewership, there is no home and student versions of Microsoft Publisher, and it is not part of Office Home and Student 2010, so this is the only way to get it without having to pay for a fully functional one.

In order to activate this download:

In order to activate this download: Click the Upload icon above to load the upload. Select "Run" to begin the setup immediately, or store the update on your computer and double-click the installed one. Please obey the prompts on the display to finish the setup. To open the tutorial, click the link on your computer or on the Home page.

Press the Launch pushbutton to launch the manual. Click any of the menus or tools in the manual. You will find the place of the instruction in the 2010 programme in the guidebook. In order to uninstall this download: Then click Control Panel. Click Uninstall the application under Programs. Select the Control Panel, click Windows Control Panel, and then click Add or remove programs.

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