Publisher 2002

Editors 2002

With Microsoft Publisher 2002, you can create professional and compelling marketing materials that help you grow your business. Compile a resume with Publisher 2002. The Basic Publisher 2002 ICT is now recognized as an independent subject within the national curriculum.

Microsofts Publisher 2002[Old Version]

Microsofts Publisher 2002 provides you with the necessary tool to produce powerful and engaging promotional material to help you grow your organization. You can use advanced page design and text editing utilities to help establish a powerful corporate brand. Select typefaces that go well together. Publisher 2002 makes it easy to upgrade websites that you have made.

Just open it in Publisher and make changes. Submit your publisher dossier as a full-text email to anyone to see, or attach a dossier. You' re also able to open elementary Word documents in Publisher while maintaining their initial formats, and then use the Task Pane to further improve your work.

Deploy colour themes, fonts, layout and more. Easily customize your system tray with spelling checker, thumbnail, previews, headers, tabs, and the Image Panel.


The Publisher was created for those who are serious about producing their own distribution and advertising material without the effort of studying a designer toolkit. Throughout its 10-year existence, Publisher 2002 has enabled billions of people to work more quickly and intelligently. The Publisher 2002 software makes general production and styling work easier by incorporating functionality that includes the Office clipboard, search, clip art and formatting included in the new Office XP that is being published today in New York.

With the new Paste Options feature and AutoCorrect Options in Office XP, the publisher can accelerate the text combination from multiple source in one text editor and give the end-customer greater text controls. Another new feature in the Publisher is an extended set of 15 new master sets - harmonized designs for the most popular kinds of corporate publication - that allow end customers to establish a unified corporate and document ID.

Another new font schema layout allows the user to use co-ordinated font schemes on an overall publishing. In response to customer and business customer response, Publisher 2002 provides new features that make it easier to print and produce Publisher work. They offer a broad spectrum of goods and service to support others with great tools - anytime, anywhere and on any equipment.

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