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Have you ever wondered what it's like to publish your own novels yourself? Writer and author Rachael Tulipano shares her journey with us. Genuine authors don't write to be published. You write for the sake of writing. If, like many writers, you are, it is probably one of your greatest goals to be published.

Becoming a published author

Just think, you see a work that you have displayed in a bookshop... you browse through the pages of your favourite journal to find an item you wrote.... you read your poems in a prestigious release.... you notice your name in the end of a film or TV show... you see a show of a piece you wrote.... or find your own work in a favourite work.

Whilst a happy few writer can earn bestsellers billions of dollars a year from their writings, it is possible to reap the rewards of being a published writer in many ways. You' can even imagine to read fervent book review of your letter, sign a book for a reader you'd like to know, let your loved ones and families see your work in the press, deposit cheques you've deserved for your letter, or some of the other benefits that come with a writer's publication.

You can become a writer, no matter how young or old you are. You will learn how to publish them in this e-book. If you are a beginner or have already been funded for your letter, this guidebook will give you useful information to make the publication of your letter both simpler and more profit.

Sheila Seifert, a free-lance author (fiction, non-fiction, poems, etc.) sold over 1,000 copies, has been a teacher of creativity in literature, composing and journalism and is a sought-after lecturer at author-conference. She will share her own experience, as well as inside information and advices from literary, editorial and teaching professionals.

These guidelines do not go into the details of the mechanism of the sale of your texts, as they contain hyperlinks to outstanding sources of information on script format, suggested samples, etc. Instead, this guideline concentrates on providing you with expert guidance and hands-on training to help you acquire the abilities and qualities you need to become a pro...

This guidebook addresses issues of critical importance to anyone who wants to be more successful as an author: All this and more you can get at an unbelievable rate. Participating in a publisher meeting would require between $50 and $300 (or more). This manual's information can help you spare many years of research, help you prevent some frequent errors, and give you the information you need to become a published author.

DISCLAIMER: If you buy the e-book today, you can have this precious inside information for the unbelievable $19.97. With your next publication you can recoup the cost of the guideline manyfold. But, of course, this guideline can help you to publish much faster and more profitable.

When you think you have earned the careers of your dream, this is your perfect place to start. It' gives you what you need to know to become a published author. Don't miss the chance to make the careers of your dream. To have a backup or replacement copy of the manual, you can get it on CD-ROM for only $5 more (plus $5 shipping).

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