Publish; Publish; Publish; Publish; Publish Transitive verb.

("intr") to have its written work published for publication. ((tr) formally or publicly disclosed. ("tr") communicate (defamatory matter) to anyone other than the person defamed to publish a defamation. She just published an article in her weekend supplement.

Samples for publish in a record

It is a small business that produces only about four ledgers per year. Universities publications include scientific papers. This paper is published every day. Teachers are under great stress to periodically issue publications. He' s not published anything for a long while. Two of my tales have been published in the mag.

Giuseppe Marra of the British National Physical Laboratory (NPL) suggests in a recent Science document to shed some light on the ocean by co-opting the infrastucture that has been set up for a completely different use. In the US, one in 10 young adult aged 18-25 has been homeless, according to a survey published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in January.

A survey published last months in Pediatrics magazine, for example, showed that the number of young people thinking about attempted suicides increased significantly between 2008 and 2015. Going back to the future - have caused injury to tens of thousand of children since they arrived on the open air markets, according to a new survey published in Pediatrics magazine.

Hotel said the trial, published this weeks in the magazine PLOS Medicine, should be a wake-up call for Texas and the 17 other states that have non-medical releases alter their statutes. Throughout a recent document published in Genome Medicine, investigators say that a test of a person may be able to identify which group are more likely to be fighting off the influenza and which may have a tougher orgasm.

Over a third of Americans use drugs that have the capacity to raise their risks of getting depressed, a trial published this weeks in JAMA, and nearly a fourth use drugs that have the effect of suicides. Eighty researchers who assembled the Nature paper put their results together by assessing glaciation in 24 different ways based on satellite, computer simulation and soil surveys.

The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources in order to mirror the actual use of the term "publish": advertising, advertising, announcing, announcing, announcing, lighting, blowing, blowing, blowing, blowing, blowing, radiating, announcing, announcing, announcing, issuing, announcing, publishing, releasing, soundtrack, trumpeting; barking, calling (from or out), crying; bill, bilboard, bulletin; bell, ring, customs;

disseminating, disseminating, spreading; revealing, spreading, introducing, manifesting, reporting, revealing, showing; advising, informing, passing on, informing, notifying, communicating, mediating, intimately; beating the drums (for or about), running along;: something you have written to have recorded in a textbook, a journal, a paper, etc... Published their story about them.

Notice: For the purpose of defaming a defaming report to only one third person can be regarded as published. So what prompted you to look it up?

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