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Third - vanity release - is terrible. To start writing your book, you need to develop a writing process. Browse for publishers, frahlings and literary journals. Which were the greatest lessons you learned after writing and publishing your first book? The Figment is a community where students can share their texts, share with other readers and discover new stories and authors.

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I' ve wanted to write a history in my notepad since I was in high schools, when I should have worked on the mathematical issues in front of me. There wasnt until the end of the college when I took a category devoted to the free-lance writer that I learnt that you could throw out there and put your name and see in the press.

Authors detest nothing more than wasting your own precious little pitches or stories that don't match the descriptions of what they're looking for. You can be sure that there is a home for your work. In some places, it is preferable for your script to contain certain information, such as the number of words, author's name and name.

Other people just want a Microsoft Office doc that only contains the name. Often an editors or readers sees a script wrongly and considers it a complete wastage. For something as easy as formatting wrong, you will not see your font on the filing stack.

You' ve written your paper and are prepared to go, you have a full listing of journals you want to enter, and now the next stage has been reached. In essence, you not only have to write, you also have to write. So what makes your item special?

Where possible, you will find the name of the journalist who is responsible for the part of the journal to which you would like to apply. Using your name on the field gives it a personality and shows that you take enough trouble to look through the mag before you hand it in. When you write your bid, be very clear.

State who you are, the name of your item, the number of words and the topic. Describe why you think your item fits well in the mag. You can use samples of past publications that are similar to yours (NOT Exactly, but similar). Wherever possible, quote samples of your previous work.

And if you're missing the samples you' ve posted, another tip is why you're so into it. Whilst it is important to be clear on your playing field, you must keep it brief. Probably the one who reads your playing field is very occupied. Correct pitches can be as brief as two heels and never longer than one page.

Or you can send your work to another magazin and continue. Have confidence in your trade and in the work you have built up for years. But it is never too early to begin to write and pitch. If you only have a history or an item you want to see out there, make it possible.

As most things, there are no warranties that these hints will result in posted work, but if they help you start, that's good enough for me!

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