Publish your own Hardcover Book

Create your own hardcover book

Hardcover book printing and coil binding take a little longer. They can publish your own book without stock. Hardcover version (the most popular) works pretty much the same. ("I could only afford a few printed copies of "Glory in the Morning". It belongs to them as long as they have the rights, which depends on your contract.

Simply start printing the book from 1 copy

It' simple to make and reprint a book. Select from softcover, hardcover and/or e-book. Several pre-formatted formats are available for pocket and hardcover book covers. Creme-Papier ("90 grams"): High ozone-containing 80 gram HVO sheet: Suitable for textbooks. Silk matt blank sheet (115 grams): Order one or more copies of your book via POD (Printing on Demand).

We already provide quantity rebates from 3 units. When you need a really large quantity (over 300 copies), we use off-set technology and our rates will continue to fall. Please review our instant quotation pricing tool or ask for a free quotation through our 300+ quantity list. It' easy for me to run a book.

This is Jan Velsen, writer of the book'Leven without masker'. They can publish your own book without reserve. Book production is carried out via the company's own software system Printer on Demand. We' ll reprint your book when your client purchases it from your website, other web shops or bookshop. It is interesting to think about off-set from about 300 units.

If you know in advance that you will be selling some of them, for example. Because of the off-set technology, the cost per copy will be significantly lower. Off-set book is shipped at once, so you have to deliver it yourself. Of course, you can continue to buy your book through (local) bookshops.

As one publishes your book in Ebookstores and in the pressure itself

You wrote your book and made the book artwork you needed for self-publication (MOBI for Kindle, EPUB for all other e-bookstores and PDF for printing). Next you will want to hand out your book. They can publish your book data in all ebookstores: Take your book with you and publish it on your own website or on a medium site such as Gumroad.

Or you can even email your files to an off-set or your own copyhop. Here are some suggestions to make this part of the publication of your book easier. It is highly recommended that you post your book directly to the Amazon Kindle Retailer. It is relatively simple, so it makes no point to forego emoluments in order to use an agent here.

In this way, you also get instant view of your sale report and license fees are transferred to your own banking accounts on-the-fly. All you need to post your book to Amazon is your e-book book dossier (in this case the MOBI version), your accounts and your taxes ID information (so Amazon can pay your license fees) and your book information (author, titles, descriptions, key words, categories, etc.), also known as meta data.

We have a short tutorial for submission to Kindle Direct Publishing to make it even simpler. If you do not want to exclusively resell your e-book to Amazon, do not decide on KDP Select. Just select KDP in the Kindle Shop regularly and you can still resell in other e-bookstores.

Smshwords is both a distribution company and a bookshop. Uploading your book files to Smashwoords distributes them to almost all other e-book stores (including iBooks, Nook and Kobo) and makes them available to your library there. So when you post your book on Amazon plus smash words, it will go to almost all your favorite websites.

To do this, go to Dashboard / Book Info and scroll down to the copyrights area. Insert the term copyrights followed by your author's name and the year. You' ll also need to type something like Smashwords Distribution, Smashwords Edition or Your Authors Name on Smashwords in this area.

Before you contact Smashwords, it is a good practice to review and adhere to the Smashwords Style Guide. Also, the response will depend on your needs and goals at publication and how you want to market the book. The Alliance of Independent Authors' detailed explanation highlights a wide range of shades and why you want to enter your book into both IngramSpark and CreateSpace.

When you publish your book in all these marketplaces, you are reaching your prospective audiences via e-book readers and distribution systems.

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