Publish your own Ebook on Amazon

Post your own ebook on Amazon

As one publishes a Kindle eBook today on Amazon. Being an ebook or available on the web has NOTHING to do with public domain. Find out how to post your novel on the Amazonas Kindle

Send your novel to the Amazon Kindle Direct Marketplace, where you are responsible as the writer. Too long there were only two ways to spread your novel: to be approved by a conventional publisher - a long way for most - or through the tabloid media.

This latter means that the writer will pay another person to release his work, regardless of whether it is marketed or distributed. However, the payment to be made public is breaking Yog's law, which says: "Money should go to the writer. Publishing houses - once the intermediaries in the trial - are no longer as important as they used to be.

Some of the most important e-book vendors have their own platform, making it a snap for each and every writer to release. There are many e-book self-publishing service providers reaching a number of different market segments, including Smashwords, BookBaby and Booktango. There is a rapid rise in the old saying that self-published works are of inferior standard.

The most important bestsellers often come from the self-published e-book sector. A number of writers, such as Amanda Hocking, are then collected by conventional publishing houses for a lot of cash. Nevertheless, I have gathered precious insights from my own experiences with a novel that is publishing tradition and is now publishing itself. Here I'll guide you through the process of getting your book posted - with little or no help - on the largest e-book platforms available today:

Amazon's Kindle. Might be Kindle Direct. A number of e-book advertising sites exist. Post an e-book once and then distribute it to several e-book storage sites, such as B&N, Apple iBooks, Sony, Kobo and others (but not Amazon). However Amazons Kindle is the e-book Reader that most folks own, even when the rumours say that Kindle's disposals are being dumped out of bed.

" Amazons recently scattered those rumours, though, when it did announce that Kindle-only e-book Downloads and buys exceeded 100 million. Amazon's Kindle Direct publishing (KDP) services provide an incentive for those who take the path of self-publication. You' ll receive a 70 per cent licence fee for every e-book you sell. When you specifically select the KDP Select feature, your e-book becomes part of Kindle Owner's Lending Library and you are entitled to a portion of the $6 million funds available each and every months for writers whose e-books have been loaned (not purchased).

E-books are also available in several areas around the world. Exclusively during these 90 day period, you will be allocated five free e-Book gift time. One of the keys to hit on Amazon is getting an e-book to climb up the rank of popularity charts, and the more e-books you give away for free, the higher up the chart it goes.

If it is not part of KDP Select and therefore not exclusively, you still cannot lower the cost below 99 Cent, but if you make the product for free with another company, Amazon will finally adjust the cost. When your item is in KDP Select, make sure you unsubscribe if you want your account to expire at the 90-day limit, otherwise Amazon will update it for you.

They can take your e-Book at any moment from the exclusiveness.

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