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You can easily set up printing with our plugin for Adobe InDesign and the book module integrated in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Only a few years ago, self-publication of one's own book was considered a failure. While you can list links to your other books, Smashwords requires that all links lead to your own website or blog. Convert your book and sell it to millions of potential readers. There are three possibilities in today's publishing world.

On-line e-book publishing, including ISBN number

We can translate your book to Kindle and iTunes formats and resell your book for you on both sites, with license fees paid directly to you. If you wish to resell your own securities, we can also supply you with your own online e-book with your own number.

eBook online publication has increased in recent years and although it has a long way to go to replace paperbacks, it is a great way to complement your work. Try the new book or publish a book online that would otherwise be too costly to use.

Have a look at our FAQ's or (format) page to find answers to your e-book publication FAQ. Uploading an eBook manuscript: At the top of this page, click the Submit Book button to submit your eBook script. There are three eBook converter files we accept: .doc,.docx and.rtf.

When you want to up-load your own artwork, please click the uplink on the top of this page to load the artwork in JPG-files. Placing an eBook order: From the Member Page, click the View/Load Files page, choose the eBook script and complete the order to place your order.

⪠Get it publ. âª

You are prepared to have your book in your hand. But, although you want to publish your book, you don't know where to begin. Do I need to go with a conventional or self-publishing company? So who are all the other small publishing houses I keep getting hear of? But how can I get this book out quickly so I can begin to monetize it?

Do I need to choose a conventional or self-published company? What is the distinction between conventional, hybrids and self-publications? Tradicional printing. They' re big publishers like Penguin and Random House. In order to resell your book to a conventional publishers, you need to make a book suggestion (such as a businessplan ) that contains how you will be marketing your book.

When you go this way, it will take two to three years for your book to come out and you will receive a royalty of about 10%. They are still in charge of your book sales. Hybride Publication. All small publishers" you have heard of are hybrids. They provide editorial and publication support against payment.

On the other hand, they keep a high proportion of your bonuses, so that you receive about 50%. Remaining in charge of your own book sales. Self-publish builds the kind of brand-driven publication department you own for the lives of your brand. They are paying for editing and publication work, but own and monitor everything.

You' ll also keep 100% of your bonuses. You' re still in charge of your book's sales, but you keep everything you have made. Their guidebook to the publication. ý Idee to publish the book quickly. With our Get it www. Get it Published?, you will publish a book that: Publish your book in the way that's right for you, so you can make your book a real one at and communicate your story to the rest of the know.

Publicise your book. Stage 1: Establish my own publisher imperium. When you start up your own publisher, we accompany you so that you can start your own business with lightness, trust and controll. Stage 2: Publish to Kindle. On the Kindle ebook platforms, get your book to extend your coverage to include billions of people.

Stage 3: Publish to Amazon's Create Space. Take advantage of the powers of Amazon's publisher and global reach for million of users. Turn your book into an audiobook that will reach more people on the go. With our publication management solutions, you can maximize your book sales and reach billions of prospective customers around the world.

You can add a branding to your book before it is published. You' re going to want to do your script, too. Request a free 1-hour interview with our authoring expert to start the publication of your book.

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