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Publish your art in a museum quality book. You can submit your art book or publish it yourself through our art publishing house. The host will then proudly inform you that it is his own work. Learn more about publishing your own book on Lulu, Blurb or BookBaby. Our solution is to print and publish your art book and bring your art to the public.

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For the first case of an art book with 52 different illustration types, so.... the qualitiy had to be outstanding. All projects are printed and committed by skilled specialists using the best material. We have a committed China staff working with the same facilities as world-class publishers. Headquartered in the USA, our client services staff has years of expertise serving a worldwide public and guiding you through the process of self-publishing every single one.

It is important to us to communicate clearly and we are always available to you. Go ahead and buy your projects without compromising upon the highest possible level of service quality. Customise every part of your book, from one-of-a-kind sizes to special add-ons such as embossed foils. Create a book cover or emboss to make your visions come alive. Select from longwearing surfaces, hardwearing papers and the highest grade we have.

The more you run, the lower your costs per piece. Receive the same level of value as premium publishers for less money. Save yourself the riddle when you' re going to have your art book printed. You can order our standard sample package and see for yourself the possibilities of first-hand.

Indie Authors' Guide to Self-Publishing Art Literature

Self-publication is hard enough without mixing pictures or artwork. But despite the huge amount of work involved, many designers - some big-name artists in their own areas, other up-and-coming artists - take things into their own hand when it comes to releasing their art-book. A productive parazzo previously released on PowerHouse, Ron Galella was drawn to the controls of self-publishing and has now sold four self-published photobooks.

Brewer also chose to work with independent artists and printed and distributed several self-published titles, among them Surf Culture, two more collections about Bunker Spreckels and a book named Simple Vision - a compilation of pictures Brewer had taken with his daily camerawork. The end result of a book containing pictures must be nice.

So, individual writers who want to put together a book need either a workout, a pro to help with the job, or a combi. Galella, who was trained in art, chose to create his later self-published pop, rock & dance (2013), The Stories Behind the Pictures (2014) and Six in Fashion (Nov.) series.

However, for less networked independent writers, the work required to prepare self-published print shop work can be considerable. At the beginning of November, David Lawrence artistes in Jackson publishes a book of portraits of 15 artist living and working in Jackson, Michigan. "รข??It took a lot more work than I thought," says Lawrence.

The Medicine Plants, a children's book on medical cannabis by Emily Mintz, authored by Bridget Rose McKeen. She started with 24" 36" x 36" illustration, although the last book was only about a third the same. Mintz's supervisor later proposed that her illustration should be the same length as the book so she would not spend a lot of extra large drawing work.

The self-released writers are, as always, solely liable for the high standard of their own work. This was one of the main reason why Galella felt attracted to becoming an indie: if there was a flaw in the book, it was all his fault. The missing decimal point may be ignored in the text of a novel, but a poorly written image or photography is evident.

Although Brewer has the necessary facilities to imitate his own work, it is still useful for him to have an early copy made by a print shop. Remembered how he once compiled a art book in a restricted editions for research into cancers. Though Brewer and his co-workers put it together in his own recording room, he wasn't sure what the definitive release would look like.

Choosing a provider to publish a self-published art or illustration book is not the simplest way. It was Wanting The Medicine Plantts to be imprinted in her home state of Maine, McKeen worked with a community cooperative named Indie Author Warehouse and chose an in-state printing company. In this way Brewer gets an impression of what the paper product would look like.

There is one last, often ignored problem when selecting a printer: Can the business keep to schedules? On the basis of a suggestion, he commissioned a worldwide print shop in Japan to manufacture the book. It has done an outstanding piece of work at an accessible cost, but the end result was almost three month overdue.

For his second self-published book, Pop, Rock & Dance, Galella chose another German press, a three-volume soft cover with slip case. Galella glanced irritatedly only 10 leagues away at Clinton, N.J., for his third book. He had commissioned GMPC Printing to produce promotional maps for his earlier work, but it had never yet produced a complete book before The Stories Behind the Pictures.

for his next self-published book, Six in Fashion.

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