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Post your novel online

You can advertise your book online for free. For out-of-print novels it is no problem to publish them yourself. And if you're interested in potential commercial success and critical accuracy, you shouldn't just put your novel online. Whether you want to print your book or sell it exclusively online depends.

Would it be a good idea to post chapters of your novel online to create your own online trading platforms?

I came across a weblog article by Jane Friedman, a celebrity member of the publishers' group. "Quit being scared of putting your work online," she says. Mrs Friedman's diary was splendid and made some really instructive points, but I think there were a number of reservations that should have been taken up that we will be discussing.

Ms Freidman quoted all types of hits, blog-to-book deal and self-published works that brought treaties and hit, but none of them was a novel. They also quoted the appeal of mobile novel in Japan, but here I have the feeling we have three major issues 1) completely different media (text messaging) 2) probably a different size than a conventional novel and 3) could possibly be a peculiarity of Japan.

After all, I concur with Mrs Friedman that it is useful for certain types of lettering to publish your work online, and it certainly worked for "Stuff White People Like" and "Julia & Julia", but what about roman? Mrs Friedman continued to use the headings work and script, but the success es she quoted were all non-fiction, how-to, observation humour, etc.... but again no romances (Japanese text books are the odd exception).

Mrs. Friedman's diary is awesome and has great advices for all types of authors. However, for fiction, many of the advantages of sending items of your textbook are breaking, and I will tell you why. Mrs Friedman claims that publishing your work online is a good way to test the free public. First, are you sure that you will get an exact statistic sample when you publish sections of your books on your bylog?

From my own experiences, the vast number of new authors have no statistical fans in their blogs or even in publicity. Since sections of a novel are part of a bigger whole, they are very hard to win the following and fanbase like "Fail Nation-A Visual Rome Through the World of Epic Fails".

However, a chapter by an unidentified, unreleased writer? Therefore, all posting commentaries on your sections are a tough way to get a real look as this giant issue of numbers (or the absence thereof). Tens or even twenty persons who take the liberty to make positive or negative remarks are in no way an exact acid test of how well your narrative is accepted.

Are you able to test your own online testing of marketing fictions? However, I think it's much harder to do than it seems, and it takes a very large and varied fan base to get an exact picture of how good your novel really is. To say nothing of the fact that a writer's work could look beautiful and beautiful if you look at it in small excerpts, but the novel as a whole could be a catastrophe.

There is a better use of a new author's free play and better contents for creating a stage than parts of a novel. Receive feedbacks on your work. Feed-back makes us better authors. We all have emotions and take great pride in our work. The problem with online booking is that it is a difficult way to get exact feedbacks for a number of reason.

If you get criticism in your group, you know whose opinions are precious and whose not. You know that when an asset criticizes your work, this is a good criticism, whether you approve of it or not. In addition (this binds in to my previous point), if you have a web that mainly contains buddies, co-workers and familiy (which most folks do), do you really believe they are going to be violently sincere and openly annotate that your typing was terrible?

They' re your friend and they don't want to offend your emotions. It' one thing to ask for our violent personal feed-back, which is debated at a desk in a community archive during the criticism group. It' a completely different kind of growth prom if you want us to publish the same kind of written and public comment on the web.

Most of us just won't say anything if the typing isn't so great. Is this useful for the author for the purpose of feed-back? What about those who don't take cares about your emotions, who aren't in love with you in person? But before you start posting, ask yourself an important one.

May I take someone to disembowel my work in a very open forums? When they take a blogs apart, that's one thing. With your novel? Everything it needs is a few nasty comments to scratch your self-esteem and even the best of us to return to our laptop computers to re-write our whole storyline (and nothing could be wrong).

Publishers themselves have a hard job when someone publishes a bad review of their work in a state forums. You have a released work, as well as being professionally validated and sold to relieve your aches. Myself professionally is that for all other types of lettering, go ahead and check Jane Friedman's Blog.

However, for those who want to be succesful publish novelist, sections of your novel are not the best option for the contents on your blogs or your website. I' m recommending my two week ago blogs, "Where are All the Reader? Social Media & the Writer's Revolution" for some of your idea of what constitutes good contents (instead of chapter of your novel).

When you love this blogs and just want MORE? We Are Not Alone - The Writer's Guide to Social Media" is now available. Purchase one today and take over your typing careers! I have a special design for authors. I' m trying to alter your ways, not your personalities. Use the same amount of creativity to write and create your own platforms.

For more information about the publisher industry, I suggest Bob Mayer's Warrior Writer books and online work-shops.

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